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Business Training Workshops

We offer short term customized programs / modules (2 weeks to 3 months) on topics ranging from Ideation, Design thinking, Innovation, Digital Marketing, Brand Management


Approach to Program

Entrepreneurship BASICS

Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Preparedness level & USP’s of an entrepreneur, Inspiring stories, soft skills (verbal, written & creative presentation)

Entrepreneurship Acumen

Self-Awareness, public speaking, Negotiation & Risk-taking


Opportunity sighting, Idea Generation

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Marketing basics, concepts of Branding, Brand management, Intro to Digital Marketing

Innovation & Technology

Introduction to Innovation , Design thinking, Innovation strategies, Basics of Technology

Operations & Finance

Overview of HR model, Business Finance (Introduction to business accounts and finance)

Movie / Role Model talk

Inspirational Movie on Entrepreneurs or Role model talk

Learn By Doing/ Project work

Start-up case studies, Field Project


Program Takeaways

Experiential learning Program
  • Entrepreneurship Acumen & Orientation
  • Idea to Reality in simple steps
  • Ideation & Idea Validation
  • Innovation for growth
  • Hiring for Start-ups
  • How to effectively use ‘Funding money’
  • Getting to Market & Revenue generation for start-ups
  • Fundable B-plans
  • Technology for start-ups
  • Digital Marketing


Workshop Details

Sr. No Name Dates Keywords Fees(in INR) Details
1 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Next Date To Be Announced Soon Ambiguity, Empathy, Perseverance, Recognizing Psychological properties/traits, Life-positioning, Risk-taking, Failure, Endurance, Emotional Influences, Life scripts, Distinguish Ability & Unique Skills 2500
2 Idea to Reality Next Date To Be Announced Soon Idea, Reality, Self and World, Change, Problem Identification, Opportunity, Generate, Evaluate, Solution, Exploration, Creativity, Design Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity ,Intuition, Disruptive Thinking, Non-Conventional Thinking, New Opportunity Identification. 6000
3 Selfawareness Next Date To Be Announced Soon Self-Awareness, Self-Learning, Ideal Self, Reflections , Insights, Purpose, Interdependence, After death, Dreams, Creative Thinking, Intuition, Memories, Experiences, Roots/Core beliefs, Understanding Psychological Personality, Determinants of Psychological Build-up 6000
4 Art of Business Presentation & Attitude Next Date To Be Announced Soon SWOT, Team-work, Observing/evaluating others, Overcoming fear/inhibitions, Self Management (Time & Priority), Decision making, Leadership, Negotiations, Motivation, Communication skills,Presentation skills, Art of Public Speaking 6000
5 Entrepreneurship Theatre Next Date To Be Announced Soon Navarasas, Emotions,   New opportunity identification, Listening, Receiving, Offering, Relationship. Responses, Environmental Analysis, Stakeholder analysis, System, Process, Founder’s Leadership, Organization Design for entrepreneurs-Structure, Building Organization culture. 6000
6 Ideation Next Date To Be Announced Soon Idea Generation, Idea Evaluation, Idea Elimination (Funneling), Idea Validation ,Idea Selection, Idea-Drops, Idea , Giving Back, Reselection 10,000
7 Art of Business Modelling Next Date To Be Announced Soon Ostwalder’s Business Modeling Canvas(BMC), Business Building Blocks- Key Partners, Key Activities. Key Resources, Value Propositions, Customer Relations, Channels. Customer Segments, Cost Structure, Revenue Systems, Lean Model, Help Spots 6000
8 Kick Start your venture Next Date To Be Announced Soon Creating Brand , Logo, website, launch 6000
9 Financial model & Business Plan Next Date To Be Announced Soon B-Plan, Background, Purpose, Overall Objectives, Specific Objectives, Market Analysis, Specific Market Segment, Competitive Factors, Market Influences, Development, Production Process, Production Requirements, Contingency plans, Financial Statements, Organization, Management. Key Personnel, Other Personnel, Ownership, Forms of Business, Critical Risk, Problems, Summary, Scheduling, Conclusion, Tasks, Goals, Schedule, Value Proposition 6000
10 Value creation & Blue Ocean Strategy Next Date To Be Announced Soon Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Blue Ocean Strategy, Innovation Culture, Innovation Strategies, Open Innovation, Value Innovation,, Innovation Habit 6000

If you represent a start-up network or community, Association, Chamber etc… then request you to reach out on with your specific requirements in terms of details like your City, batch size, topic etc.. & we will revert shortly.