Lemon School of Entrepreneurship

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE) is a unique, new age Gurukul with a vision to support, mentor and train budding as well as early stage entrepreneurs. The pedagogy being Learning by Doing, Learn through reflections and real life experimentation. LSE is neither affiliated to any University / Governing Body nor provides any recognised degree or diploma. We believe that creation of work portfolio through experiential learning and pre-incubation training is vital for entrepreneurship.


Design Your Journey

Customized Experiential Program for training, mentoring and incubation as per the needs and requirements of the candidate including pilot and real life working on start-up ideas and much more.

Entrepreneurial Workshops

Entrepreneurial Training Workshops for aspiring Entrepreneurs, Changemakers, Innovators, Start-ups, etc. These workshops cover the vast modules of entrepreneurship, right from the idea generation to the growth stage.

Institutional Offerings

Customized programs for Institutions, Colleges, Associations, Chambers, Community Networks etc. to build as well as to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystem.




Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneurial Marketing

By Dr. Rajeev Roy (INR. 225/-)

About Book
Marketing related failures are probably the single biggest determinant for success or failure in a startup. Marketing skills and insights are indispensible for the entrepreneur.




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