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Institutional Offerings

  •   Entrepreneurship Development and Skill Building Program (EDP)
  •   Venture Creation Master Class (VCM)
  •   Faculty Development Program (FDP)
  •   Entrepreneurship Webinars

Individual Offerings

  •   Discover the Entrepreneur in you
  •  Webinars
  •  Entrepreneurship Orientation Assessment (Psychometric Assessment)

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  •   MENTOR Guidance
  •   COUNSELLING Discussion


    • Entrepreneurship Development and Skill Building Program (EDP)
      EDP is designed to train and develop entrepreneurial skills in the students thus enabling them to take up Entrepreneurship as a career. Various important interventions are covered under this program which will help the participants to start their entrepreneurship journey and become a successful Entrepreneur.


    • Venture Creation Master Class (VCM)
      VCM is specially designed for aspiring individuals, early stage entrepreneurs, creators or innovators to become Self-Aware, Explore ideas, Build Empathy for problem, try Experimentation, have Experience of execution and Enjoy ENTREPRENEURSHIP. This online program fits to be a perfect recipe for aspirants to develop their readiness for a challenging entrepreneurship journey as well as significantly reduce their chances of failures.


    • Faculty Development Program (FDP)
      FDP is designed to train and develop professionals in the area of Entrepreneurship Development so that they can act as “Resource Persons” in guiding and motivating individuals intended to become an entrepreneur. The program covers major aspects of Entrepreneurship Development and ecosystem. FDP aims at equipping teachers with skills and knowledge that are essential for inculcating entrepreneurial values in students as well as guiding and monitoring their progress towards entrepreneurial career.


  • Webinars
    LSE offers Webinars on different areas of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship as career, Motivational sessions and many more. These webinars can be customized on the basis of need and requirements of the institution.

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    Entrepreneurship Development and Skill Building Program (EDP)Venture Creation Master Class (VCM)Faculty Development Program (FDP)Webinars


      • Discover the Entrepreneur in you
        “Discover the Entrepreneur in you” is a training program to nurture and build entrepreneurial skills in an individual. It aims in making an individual ready to launch his/her own startup venture (& potential unicorn!). Various important interventions required for a person to become an entrepreneur are covered under this program.


      • Webinars
        LSE offersopen webinars for individuals to help them in their journey of Entrepreneurship. Webinars can be customized on the basis of one’s needs and requirements.


    • Entrepreneurship Orientation Assessment (Psychometric Assessment)
      LSE offers a Psychometric Assessment for individuals to know one’s orientation towards Entrepreneurship and to encourage them for the same.

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      Discover the Entrepreneur in youWebinarsEntrepreneurship Orientation Assessment (Psychometric Assessment)


        • MENTOR Guidance
          Under “MENTOR Guidance” one can book a personal slot with our expert mentor for one to one mentoring. Someone facing any doubts / problems in their entrepreneurship journey can be discussed with the mentor and solution / suggestion can be received.


      • COUNSELLING Discussion
        Under “COUNSELLING” one can book a personalized slot with our executive counselor for any type of counseling like knowing what we offer, programs we conduct, clearing any doubts regarding entrepreneurship and many more.

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