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    Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE) is a unique, new age Gurukul with a vision to support, mentor and train budding as well as early stage entrepreneurs. The pedagogy being Learning by Doing, Learn through reflections and real life experimentation. LSE is neither affiliated to any University / Governing Body nor provides any recognised degree or diploma. We believe that creation of work portfolio through experiential learning and pre-incubation training is vital for entrepreneurship.

    We are happy to announce the launch of Online versions of our Programs which would enable more people to take advantage of our unique pedagogy and experiential and help them develop the required entrepreneurial and life skills thus empowering them for future challenges. For more details please go to Online LSE section.

    Lemon Ideas is on a mission “Innovation by Everyone” and is striving towards empowering talented individuals to convert their ideas into Reality (Business Ventures).

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    INNOPRENEURS is a yearly startup contest hosted by Lemon Ideas since 2014. It is much more than a conventional B-plan contest. Visit our website to know more.



    Design Your Journey

    Customized Experiential Program for training, mentoring and incubation as per the needs and requirements of the candidate including pilot and real life working on start-up ideas and much more.

    Entrepreneurial Workshops

    Entrepreneurial Training Workshops for aspiring Entrepreneurs, Changemakers, Innovators, Start-ups, etc. These workshops cover the vast modules of entrepreneurship, right from the idea generation to the growth stage.

    Institutional Offerings

    Customized programs for Institutions, Colleges, Associations, Chambers, Community Networks etc. to build as well as to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


    Purvi Roy

    “Lemon Ideas become a major milestone in Arista Vault’s growth journey. I will forever treasure the perspective and insights shared by Mentors in the sessions and will be grateful for such a concrete association given by lemon Ideas. The hand holding and support I have been given are remarkable and I am Thankful to Mentors & Lemon Ideas.”

    Purvi Roy

    CEO & Founder, Arista Vault
    Vamsi Lemon Ideas

    “We entered the Lemon ecosystem through Innopreneurs Platform where we made to the top 10 startups of the contest. Our journey at Innopreneurs was full of learnings with mentors like Mr. Deepak Menaria. Hesa has recently closed seed funding and we are on a mission to create 2 Million Entrepreneurs in Rural India by 2025.”

    Mr. Vamsi Udayagiri

    Founder, Hesa

    The workshop has had a tremendous impact on my mind because the methodology of imparting guidance by the mentors of Lemon School has not been a stereo-type process of teaching specific things, rather it has been in the form of mentoring, which suits each individual in his or her manners or ways and ensures that people streamline their ideas and thought process.

     In the past two days, in the workshop, I  realized not only how to go about  ideas and ideation but also our daily sources, daily lifestyle, daily decision making in our profession.

    Col. Saurabh Kumar

    Ideation & idea validation workshop for Defence officers

    I liked the way how the training sessions were organized as well as managed . I also liked the way students were engaged in the question answer sessions.  Seriously speaking I found it the most useful training among all those I have attended.

    Sheikh Salma Irshad

    Online Enterpreneurship Development & Skill Development Program

    “Lemon follows a very unique learning pedagogy to become a successful entrepreneur. It has boosted my risk-taking abilities and confidence to start my business with an innovative yet empathetic approach”

    Maitri Borundia

    Alumni, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship

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    “I am Doing it…”A Common Echo by 60 Game Changers

    This book is available free of cost

      About Book

      This publication titled “I am doing it…: A common echo by 60 game changers” aims to showcase some of the hidden jewels from 15 states in India and few ones from 4 countries. This publication is compiled from innovation and startup  stories that have been picked up from a large pool of entrepreneurs who joined lemon ideas platform in form of contests, training , mentoring, and incubation engagements.




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