Life at Lemon School

Learning Campus

(Physical campus is currently in-operational due to the COVID-19 pandemic)

Learning campus at Lemon School for Entrepreneurship is more of a workplace than an academic campus. The present campus is situated in Lambent IT Park which houses many leading IT companies including GlobalLogic. The campus provides a perfect environment to work, learn and enjoy. With reading room, incubation, recreational facilities, canteen and open fields, Entrepreneurs at Lemon school get a perfect blend of fun and learning culture. 


Lemon School has made extensive arrangements for outstation candidates for stay. To ensure maximum learning and interaction with mentors as well as fellow entrepreneurs, Lemon School has made arrangement for Hostel/Service Apartment within 1 km of the Learning campus. Interested candidates can approach Lemon Team for more details in this regard.

One BIG party in a way

As work and learning comes without the pressure and at a pace and method-all your own

The school is a congregation of like-minded people

Being with people who have similar aspirations and quests and thirsts steeply ups the collective learning quotient and facilitates the spirit to break the mould and abandon inhibitions. This makes you a more wholesome, well-rounded individual who is wiser, more experienced, more ready than ever before to be a cut above the rest.

Your classroom is REAL life

It is not restricted to a physical classroom scenario, board, books and the rest. Here you will learn in the forests, atop the mountains, while engaging in social service, on a travel, at a party…basically you will learn on the move. You will learn the most fun and unconventional ways possible.

Less like COLLEGE

Which means no exam pressure, attendance issues, more like a professional working environment – only with tonnes of learning happening each day.

Everything we do revolves around ENTREPRENEURSHIP and INNOVATION

It is said that we learn faster and better by observation than by teaching. Hence, we motivate by providing you mentors who have themselves been up the entrepreneurial ladder and made it to the top. Effectively this means that we foster the entrepreneurial spirit and make sure that thinking on your feet and out-of-the-box becomes second nature to you.

You can grab a chance to unleash your CREATIVITY

A place where all ideas, concepts, thoughts or suggestion are considered worthy of a discussion. People all around are willing to look at each out-of-the-box thought with a new perspective. To explore its viability rather than writing it off, just because it never heard of before.

Mandatory me-time so you may have time off enough to hit upon a EUREKA moment

Based upon your individual interest, you will be asked to take up a hobby or activity to chill and unwind, thus giving your mind enough to process your day’s learning and assimilate it. Indulgence in an activity such, may even lead you to embark upon your next entrepreneurial venture!

Mentor-mentee BONDING outside the classroom scenario

Time aside from the active learning period to connect with your mentors, share notes, spill out your ideas and plans and seek and receive very sound guidance and handholding.