Ideation Camp at Pench

Ideation is The Creation & Formation of IDEAS and Concepts via Immersion, Creative Brainstorming and Strategic Planning’ and what better way than to at the vastness of Nature.

At Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE) after 16 weeks of extensive experiential learning in the GP E2I course through Entrepreneurs interaction, I-Talk, Activities, Life integration camp, and many more such self-discovery and learning session, the talents were ready for IDEATION.

LSE conducted a 3 day Ideation Camp at Pench Jungle, MP from 2nd November to 4th November for LSE entrepreneurs. The ideation camps was facilitated by Dr. Rajeev Roy, Chief Gardener at LSE and Mr. Deepak Menaria, Chief Idea Farmer, Lemon Ideas. Around 20 members were part of the camp at Pench. 

The candidates were facilitated to think boundary less and bring out as many ideas as possible any stupid, crazy unimaginable concepts. The talents sat under a tree, on the tree, under bridge, near swimming pool, on a swing for bringing out ideas. There were around 400 ideas on the platter after the one day of exploration and thinking, where nature played its role. The ideas varied from domain such as retail, social, transport, IT, Education, Services, Real estate, etc. . After an extensive funnelling and validation the number of ideas were funnelled down to 50 ideas. These idea would be further explored and researched by Entrepreneurs and few would be picked up for converting into business ventures and start-ups. This is one of its program being executed across India for serious and committed aspiring entrepreneurs.


Pench, Madhya Pradesh