Life integration Workshop

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE) organized a 2 day camp on Spirituality and Life integration on 22nd & 23rdAug. As rightly said, if you have a clear vision in sight your work is half done. Exploring yourself and passion inside you is the first step towards your entrepreneurial journey. Camp was undertaken by Dr. Prabodh Yelne who is Chair Self & Psychology at LSE. He is also the Founder president of the Association of Counselors and Psychotherapists, Nagpur.

Camp was attended by 25 young and aspiring LSE entrepreneurs in addition to 10 special invitees by Dr. Prabodh. Camp was absolutely FREE and arrangement was made for Breakfast, lunch and high tea for participants. With a clear vision in mind, LSE entrepreneurs are now working towards their startup with new zeal and enthusiasm and trying to make a difference in society by trying to be a job creator. They all give credits to the learnings/output of this camp which came as a relief to everyone because it is very hazy out there in Startup ecosystem as many are taking birth every day. With an Idea in mind and vision in sight, only thing left for LSE entrepreneurs is to Execute.


Nagpur, India