Startup Creation Workshop

It is a 3 days long intensive program aligned towards startup creation by the aspiring entrepreneurs. It covers several facets of the entrepreneurial journey including Ideation, Idea Validation and Idea to Reality. A very unique learning space is the foundation for success in any endeavour. Essential elements of this program cover the tools and techniques for funnelling and selecting the idea along with the frameworks for validating the same. It also covers the process of putting those ideas into actions.


– Peer to Peer Experience
– Sharing & Learning
– Experiential Learning
– Activity-Based Learning
– Individual Centric,┬áParticipation Driven


– Understand the scientific process of Ideation
– Validation of the idea
– Know-how of converting the idea into reality
– Experience the systematic process of startup creation
– The 360-degree perspective required for an innovative venture
– Blueprint of a business venture
– Understanding various facets and modern business
– Achieving sustainable growth

Mr Deepak Menaria (Founder & CEO – Lemon Ideas)
Mr Mukesh Ashar (Co-founder – LSE)

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Nagpur, Maharashtra, India