Unconference ~ Family Business

Unconference ~ Family Business

A discussion to reconnect the past with the present and plan growth for the future in a digital business world reality. An opportunity for specially chosen few business families to ponder on the present, to be able to build on the legacy of the past and to springboard it to become much more stronger, better, innovative and successful in the 21st century digital business world.

Program Description

A forum/platform where the challenges , struggles, direction ahead for the family owned business can be discussed and answered by likeminded people . People who have been in the business and want the next generation to take the charge but there are some inherent issues which are a striking point. GenNext with new experience, knowledge, hope , dream have the urge to take their product/service to greater heights with new methods and processes in the digital technology business world.

To understand and deliberate on the USP’s of a family businesses, traditional businesses, new age businesses . At the same time through the format of discussion and brain storming identify the struggle areas , bottlenecks in each of the businesses and propose solutions.

Aim of the Program

The program aims to identify and share the challenges in the family business and try to find steps, solution to answer the struggle areas. To bring the experienced and the new aspiring to a place where they mutually debate to co-exist and accept; support and grow. To make a platform available for tradition business owners and their new age successors to match their aspirations, knowledge and experience to take their businesses to new heights and milestones in a 21st century digital business world.


2 hrs ( 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm)


The entire session will be anchored by LEMON specialist’s in entrepreneurship.

  • Discussions- Invited guests are welcome to start the discussion by initiating topic; may be related to their business or in general to all the businesses.

  • Participative – All the invited participants are expected to participate. There wont be any speaker to give gyan session. It is will be a open space where everybody gets a chance to speak up.

  • Brainstorming –Through the participative approach identify the challenges , positives and brainstorm on each, for everybody to take benefit of it to the business

  • Breakout– Post the discussion , some topics will be identified by participants and small groups will be formed to have breakout where more in depth and more focused discussions will take place. Once the discussion in the breakout is done, all will gather and share there discussion pointers from the breakout.


By invitation only to family business owners and their next-Gen children . At the most 20 family run business, so total participants to be 40.

Lemon Experts at Unconference

  1. Mr. Deepak Menaria , Founder LEMON

  2. Mr. Paul D’Souza , Director LSE

  3. Mr. Nitin Gujarathi Chair Technology, LEMON

  4. Mr. Mukesh Ashar , Chair Behavioral Science , LEMON

  5. Mr. Akash Agarwal , Chairman , Entrepreneurship Forum , VIA

  6. Ms. Anita Rao, Secretary, Entrepreneurship Forum , VIA


Nagpur, India