National Entrepreneurs Day Chief Guest Devendra Fadnavis

National Entrepreneurs Day

It was the historic day when India was celebrating its 68th Independence Day in 2015 and the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi firstly addressed the ‘Startup India’ from the Red Fort. It was focusing on three major issues

  1. Simplification and Handholding
  2. Funding support and incentives
  3. Industry-Academia Partnership and Incubation

As additional areas related to this incentive is to discard the boulders and restriction sustaining in the domain such as government policies and LICENSE RAJ and land permission and foreign investment proposal and environmental clearances. It was proudly organized by Department for promotion of industries and internal trade. Next year in 2016 on 16th January, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced a bunch of benefits and schemes to promote startup eco-system in India under the event called ‘Startup India Action Plan Launch’. This indeed was a historic day for Indian entrepreneurship and Startups. From then only Lemon Ideas with some of incubating agencies is celebrating this day and promoting budding entrepreneurs. This year in 2021, Lemon Ideas with Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) celebrated the day and awarded 16 budding entrepreneurs in the virtual presence of Shri Devendra Fadanvis, former chief minister of Maharashtra. These entrepreneurs truly recognized the role of society in their making and gave it back also in kind gesture. During the COVID – 19 pandemic times, they made apparatus and UV shields and sanitizing chambers to help health workers and legally claimed their patents. Deepak Menaria, CEO of Lemon Ideas also invited some experienced entrepreneurs to tell their journey and working – methodology. Startup India Policy completed 5 years this year and Lemon Ideas and VIA celebrated this occasion and recognized the contribution and efforts of youngsters and emerging Industrialists.

Shalom Kingston from Carbon Hubs Pvt. Ltd. got awarded for Mini-fleet and Turbo-X. They have patented no-touch device with an innovative air filtration technology which captures microbial matter (bacteria and virus), reduces particulate matter within 10 minutes and removes harmful gases from surroundings. Kuldeep Wadaskar from 3Not Robotics Pvt. Ltd. got awarded for UV-cage. UV Cage is an oven type world’s first contactless virus disinfectant case which sanitizes vegetables, belongings, electronics gadget and other highly touched items in just a few minutes. Harsh Lal from MedicFibers Pvt. Ltd. got awarded for Viroside. Viroside Antiviral solution keeps cloth safe for up to 125 washes. 99.9% effective, non-toxic (working on extending the use of other surfaces) having 3 provisional patents.

Prerna Chandak has done her duty in her own way. She works for Global Shapers Community (NGO). They organized 21 Days Lockdown Journey sessions for mental health. They organized multiples editions of it in lockdown and aimed at creating a safe space for people to maintain their mental health. At the occasion, she got admiration and recognition by Shri Devendra Fadanvis. Shipra Dawar from ePsyclinic Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. worked and awarded for ePsyclinic. More than 5,00,000 people took therapy and counselling free of cost which worked 24*7 during the pandemic and numerous ASHA workers, COVID-19 patients, doctors, frontline workers, cleaning teams and migrant and the general public were beneficiaries. Ajinkya Shinde from Invenzee Technology private limited got awarded for Sanezze. Sanezze is a patented small sanitiser dispenser device that can be attached on your wrist to make sanitization easy. Pratik Gadkar from Technoventor Innovations Pvt. Ltd. got awarded for FABlab. It designed over 15 COVID related products like the world’s first IOT based sanitization tunnel, positive pressure mobile rswap testing facility, COVID stretcher, face shields, masks and sanitiser dispenser. Shriveera M from Aparoks Tech Pvt. Ltd. Got awarded for the patent of Non-invasive Far Infrared wearable bands (FIR) like Neck, Chest, Knee and Hip bands that use our body’s Infrared (IR) rays and supplement it to increase immunity, improve healing, and reduce blood pressure for COVID Patients. Dr Deovrat Begde from CURO Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. Got awarded for ERLYSIGN. It focuses on easy, non-invasive, painless and affordable early detection of oral cancer using a proprietary kit. In absence of doctor/hospitals during COVID, they helped many cancer patients. Madhur Rathi from Econiture got recognition for Econiture. It is furniture & home decor products made from plastic waste and has used the COVID times to push sustainability thought very aggressively using online channels. Shyamal Panchmatia from Ray Health Product Pvt Ltd got recognition for his vital work in an immunity-boosting mechanism. They focus on hygiene and healthy immunity building foods like sanitisers, toilet seat sanitisers and low sugar, raw honey. Keshav Daga from PSI Healthcare got awarded for manufacturing of COVID kits. They are leading manufacturers of Surgical Face Masks, N95 Masks, PPE kits, Protective Apparel, Drapes and Packs and they expanded it for numerous COVID products to serve numerous beneficiaries. Shikha Verma Thutheja from Studio Uniforms got recognition for kits. Studio Uniforms is a specialized reputed tailoring company making anti-Microbial Medical Clothing like scrubs, masks, PPE Kits, face shields, oximeters and gloves during COVID. Aditya Asabe got awarded for his patent of Sanishooter. It is a sleek, trendy wrist band sanitiser shooter available on many online shopping portals. Abheejit Khandagale got recognition for ‘Ekatra’. Vikash Ecosystem has built Ekatra, a Unified Learning Platform to help instructors to teach underprivileged students in a low data or no data environment, combining the power of Text ( SMS and WhatsApp ) etc. Dr. Chandrashekhar Gillurkar got his special recognition for his work in almost all social welfare practices.

There are some names who got recognition for their efforts but there are many more who are working day and night for the ease of people’s livings. It’s not possible to invite them all for the award because there are entrepreneurs at every Gully-Nukkad, doing something-something for them and for the society as well. It was a highly appreciative movement for an entrepreneur who wishes to thrive yet sustain in the Indian soil. With a sense of appreciation and gratitude, we request the Government of India to give motivation to the youngster for good going. We all have heard about the ‘Reinforcement Theory’ of Burrhus Fredric Skinner. The behaviour of individual towards positive consequences tends to repeat. A small recognition, a small award can give a kick start motivation to our young entrepreneurs.


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