Lemon School of Entrepreneurship is not affiliated or recognized by any Academic body, University or Institution. Lemon School of Entrepreneurship does not aim to provide degrees or diplomas but to create portfolio of work and experiential learning in real life for aspiring entrepreneurs .To get the best quality inputs for aspiring entrepreneurs, Lemon school of Entrepreneurship has partnered with leading names including ACTON Business School (USA), NTU (Singapore), Founders Institute, JagritiYatra, VC’s and many more in the start-up ecosystem across the globe

Since the program is aiming at nurturing job creators for the future, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship is not aiming at job or campus placement opportunities for its participants . As entrepreneurs would aim to start their own venture rather than seek jobs , right nurturing and experiential learning is more relevant than affiliation or a recognized degree from an Academic body or University . Lemon School of Entrepreneurship will focus on providing experiential learning to its participants and sharpen their business acumen which would be more relevant for entrepreneurs.

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship is the right place for you and can help you realize your dreams if :

You want to be an entrepreneur and aspire to build your own start-up company

You have a family business to which you want to make a substantial and meaningful contribution

You have a wonderful unique idea and would want to convert it into a venture

You are an intrapreneur by choice and want to initiate your existing company into new arenas

You view entrepreneurship to help propel you into a second career innings

You intend to cultivate entrepreneurial acumen to comprehend your world better

You are a working woman or talented house wife or mother who is keen to give your career a chance in own way

Industrial and corporate houses are struggling with the challenge of hiring the right talent. As per research, most of the corporate hiring managers of are convinced that an entrepreneurial employee will be a more productive and suitable candidates to be hired by corporate organizations in various sectors. . Hence, even if you are not planning to start your business venture in the near future, there is a good chance of you getting career opportunities for a good growth and good job. The portfolio of work that you will create during the program will be highly impactful in job interviews.

As this is a program ‘By the Entrepreneurs For the Entrepreneurs’, all the mentors, facilitators and Faculty members whom will be engaging the entrepreneurs will be from field i.e. they will all be people who have been entrepreneurs themselves for some time. The Current team formation at Lemon Schoolof Entrepreneurship is:

One resident mentor for 8 entrepreneurs (1:8)

A pool of 100 mentors from across various industries and domains

All the mentors, facilitators and Faculty members from Lemon School of Entrepreneurship, whom will be engaging the entrepreneurs will all be people from the field who have been entrepreneurs themselves at some point. They will be from various sectors viz. Technology, Education, Social Service, Media, Hospitality etc. and will be providing an experiential insight to the participants on what they have done and how they have done it and this will help budding entrepreneurs to hear from the horse’s mouth.

Since Lemon School of Entrepreneurship has partnered with ACTON Business School (USA) and NTU (Singapore), we would have various programs for both participants and faculties to get the best global exposure. Apart from this, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship also has a dedicated faculty for global exposure, chaired by a senior faculty form UK. The programs would also be run for various sectors and domain-specific internships and visits.

Minimum age required is 21 years. Though Educational Qualification is not an eligibility criteria for applying for the program, we believe that a minimum understanding of the world and awareness of the surrounding and a certain maturity level is required for pursuing his/her dream of entrepreneurship and converting his/her plans into a business venture. Hence graduation (in any stream) is recommended.

As an exception, non-graduates can be considered, provided they have something extra-ordinary to convince the Lemon School of Entrepreneurship panel /jury regarding their candidature. Hence non-graduates above 21 years of age with extra-ordinary talent and/or skills and/or achievements can apply for the program.

Yes you can visit our campus at Nagpur before applying. Please contact Lemon team and seek an appointment. Team would be happy to facilitate your visit and share in detail the deeper philosophy and purpose of Lemon School of Entrepreneurship.

As this is a very niche and focused program for very serious candidates, the intake capacity has been restricted to 30 candidates.

For the first time, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship has come up with a model where participants would have the freedom to design their own course. So there is a good possibility that there would have some variation in their courses in terms of the module or activity the participants will opt for. Apart from this, there would be variation in the course at Lemon School of Entrepreneurship based on 2 major factors:

Individual interests, abilities, ideas and acumen of the participants

Sectorial focus i.e. the sector/domain the participants would like to start their venture in e.g, Technology, Media, Hospitality etc.

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship would be looking at the following factors to short-list candidates :

Main factor – Entrepreneur acumen, which would be a reflection of the candidate’s commitment, dedication and self-belief to become an entrepreneur

Additional factors – Idea , Purpose, Readiness to do hard work, readiness to commit for their idea

Academic percentage or marks will not be the sole criteria for selection of entrepreneurs for the program.

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship offers highly experiential program. Almost 65% of the program will be based on Do-It-Yourself(DIY) approach. Hence lot of focus will be on experiential pieces. Focused internship would be an essential part of the program. The internship would be decided and designed for the participants based on their preferred sector/domain and idea of start-up. They would be closely monitored during their internship. Lemon School believes in assigning the participants to the right start-up, where they can experience at first-hand the start-up culture, domain and integrities of the start-up and can spend good time with the founding team of the start-up. Hence participants will have a good experiential learning during their internship. Students will get a nominal amount of Rs. 10,000/- per month during the internship period, which will be of a minimum duration of 4 weeks

Yes, LEMON philosophy strongly supports experimentation and pilot run of ideas and a separate provision of total 5 lakhs INR has been made to support operational expenses during pilot execution of ideas.

The admission process for the program begins every year from the month of January . The selection process includes test / interviews and campus visit.

The admission centers for Lemon School of Entrepreneurship is only at Nagpur, as for the confirmation you need to visit the campus and meet the experts behind the concept.

No. There is no fees for applying. There is only interview processing fees of 500/- which is to be paid if selected for interview.

Though not mandatory, it would be advisable to provide an entrance exam score to enhance chances of selection to program.

The selection process for the program includes :

Basic test on Entrepreneurship Acumen

Personal discussion with Lemon School of Entrepreneurship team

Idea presentation (if applicable)

The selection criteria and process for international (foreign) participants would be the same as Indian participants. The Fees model for international participants will be different. They will have to make their own travel, visa and accommodation arrangements. Lemon School of Entrepreneurship team would assist them in getting accommodation at Nagpur and help to make their stay comfortable. The medium of communication will be English, hence it is recommended that only candidates having a good knowledge of English should apply. Also, International participants are expected to thoroughly understand the Code of Conduct at Lemon School of Entrepreneurship, which is part of the prospectus. English would be language for training at LSE.

You can submit your official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended, along with the admission form, at Lemon School of Entrepreneurship, Nagpur.

Though not mandatory, it would be advisable to provide letters of recommendation to enhance chances of selection to program.

The participants can choose for one or both of the following options for outstation visits :

Global Program at Singapore

Jagriti Yatra

The camps mentioned below are mandatory for all to participate

Survival camp

Endurance camp

Apart from the above options, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship would also organize visits to various startups and business houses during the program.

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship aims to nurture about a 1000 entrepreneurs over the next 5 years. The real objective of Lemon School of Entrepreneurship is to bring out more and more startup ventures. The efforts to be taken on entrepreneurs will continue after the program. The following post-program support models are offered to entrepreneurs by LEMON Ideas:

3 months Incubation, where they can finalize their start-up plan, fine tune themselves, meet more mentors and get ready to launch their business venture

Extended mentorship for 12 months

Both these opportunities are offered on a preferential basis by Lemon Ideas, the premier start-up mentorship and incubator organization. The post-program support model to be chosen is subjected to availability of space, recommendation from Lemon School of Entrepreneurship jury and empanelment guidelines of Lemon Ideas.

Yes. Lemon Ideas has created a network of Angel Investors and High Net worth Individuals(HNI). A collective assured investmnet of Rs. 5 crores, which will be made available to promising entrepreneurs and start-ups. The final investment decision will be taken by the respective Angel Investors and HNI.

Yes. Lemon Ideas (Incubation partner) prefers participants from Lemon School of Entrepreneurship for subsequent co-working and mentorship, up to 12 months.

The Lemon mentors bring a rich experience from various sectors. The Vertical s domains or sectors include Technology, Education, Social Service, Media, Hospitality, etc. The Horizontal sectors include Information Communication and Technology (ICT), Business Services and Public & Private Partnerships. Additionally LEMON encourages entrepreneurs to pick up ideas from domain which are regional or geographic strengths in the area of operations.

Collectively, Lemon mentors have previously trained and provided mentorship more than 5000 entrepreneurs in the past.

Lemon Ideas has mentored 20 start-ups which are operational and running today over the last 2 years.

Lemon School believes in intensive learning model during the 6 months traning +3 months mentoring program and has made provision for guesthouse and service apartment within 2 kilometer of the learning campus. This would ensure maximum learning opportunity for entrepreneurs and use the informal time for exciting discussions and brainstorming sessions with other fellow entrepreneurs as well as mentors.