Lemon School

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship is the brand new handholding venture meant for entrepreneurs and innovators. LSE is not affiliated or recognized by any Academic body because LSE wanted to adopt a radical and offbeat philosophy. 


We do not aim to provide degrees or diplomas but to create portfolio of work and experiential learning in real life for LEMON candidates. The LSE is outcome of interaction and detailed discussion with over 1500 aspiring entrepreneurs/participants and over 350 professionals/veterans and successful entrepreneurs. Lemons as we know them are zesty, piquant and refreshingly tangy. It is this philosophy that the school subscribes and brings to your life as a learner. The Lemon School of Entrepreneurship comes with the promise of bringing freshness to your life. We believes that a lemony approach can be the shot in the arm to promote an environment of innovation in everything around us.

It is a school quite unlike one. The pedagogy employed takes away from the run of the mill classroom learning and incorporates lifelong wisdom by way of experiential learning. The fervent need to meet the ever growing requirement of encouraging job creators not jobs is what drives everyone here at Lemon School of Entrepreneurship. The mentors are neither professors nor white-collared academicians; instead they are all people who have been entrepreneurs themselves at some point of time. Training here does not give you a pre-concocted recipe for guaranteed success, it gives you the courage to take risks, stumble and get up, innovate and evolve. All this, by employing a way of learning, all your own. Self-actualization in a way such that you make a meaningful contribution to the society, the nation and the world at large is assured in your journey with us. Lemon School of Entrepreneurship does not aim to just make you an entrepreneur but also teaches you intrapreneurship there by sharpening your acumen for understanding yourself, your environment and giving you the gift of a vision that helps you see the broader perspective of both life and business. You become a better administrator, a better manager, a better executive-overall a better YOU! Life isn’t about theories and text book learning. You can possibly read all you like about ‘How To Cycle’, but nothing prepares you for the experience till you lay your hands on one, scrape your knees, bleed a bit, rise like a phoenix and get at it again!



India is a land of contradictions

Did you know that India is the largest producer of lemons but not lemonade? With a phenomenally large population, our country is blessed with one of the largest pools of human assets but ranks at a low of 66 on the Global Innovation Index. India needs Job creators and a big push on entrepreneurship to provide employment and services to the ever increasing population.

Something needs to change and someone needs to change it

We at the Lemon School of Entrepreneurship were perturbed by these statistics too and decided to bring about the change we wanted to see. This we thought was possible by infusing education and knowledge with innovation and know-how. It is this heady concoction of Talent & Innovation that we encourage and facilitate at our School. We empower minds to apply their learning to real life. And this Lemon Philosophy is what sets us apart and gives us an edge above the crowd.