After completing graduation, I was running my own IT firm. After many ups and downs I put an end to it. I was searching hard for entrepreneurship skill development program, after many searches I came to know about Lemon School of Entrepreneurship and their concept of experiential pedagogy. Then I applied for admission at Lemon and got selected for LSE 2016 batch.

Our journey started on 12th Sep 2016.  In our batch we were experiencing diversity of states as every aspiring entrepreneur was from different state of India. Every one was from different background like Chartered Accountancy, Information Technology, Journalism, Commerce, Mechanical Engineering etc. but one thing was common among all that was their- Entrepreneurial Passion.

LSE have their strong network of mentors who are always there to guide aspiring Entrepreneurs like us.

Deepak Menaria, Chief farmer at LSE, works on us for Idea Generation. Sanjay Arora and Mukesh Asher Sir focused on Marketing and Behavioral Science.

Dr. Prabodh Yelne Sir and Poonam Menaria Ma’am focused on Self Awareness.

On very first day, we had opportunity to listen thoughts of Mr. Vishal Agrawal, founder and MD of R. C. Plasto and Pipes Pvt. Ltd. In next few days we were fortunate for being guided by Mr. Uday Wankawala, Mr. Paul D’souza, and Mr. Rajeev Roy.

We also had contributed in environmental safety initiative, which was headed by Green Vigil Foundation. At the end of the first week we were feeling motivated and thoughtful.