About E-Adda

E-Adda is being conceptualised as the club of limited, selected, high potential entrepreneurs and startups being formed for the acceleration and growth of the members and co-creating the synergies together with a structured set of interventions leveraging the power of ‘co’ and the strength of Lemon Ecosystem which has been built over last 9+ years of our functioning. Below are highlights of from the deliverables of E-Adda.

>Learning Material
>Mentoring Meetups
>Focussed Collaboration Spaces
>Learning Spaces
>Startup Analysis and Score Card
>Avenues for Preferential Fund Raise
>Access to Alumni Startups
>Leverage Lemon Ecosystem
>Certificate & Rewards for Community Membership

Structure at E-Adda

  • 12 Months Long Engagement (Starting April, 2022)
  • Limited & Exclusive Access based on Candidature Assessment, Engagement and Potential of Individual and Startup
  • Membership allocations to only #50 startups or entrepreneurs in phase 1.
  • Leveraging the power of ‘co’, co-creation and collaboration.

Financial Inclusion

Membership Fee (INR 1000 / Month). Minimum Subscription Period is 12 Months. Total Annual Membership Fee: INR 12000


  • #6 Live Gupshup Sessions. Informal interaction sessions around key topics with the core mentors at Lemon ecosystem.
  • #3 Focussed Collaboration Bootcamp. A very powerful capsule for finding the collaboration / co-creation threads along with the startups of your domain/sector/market. These focussed collaboration bootcamps will be done in the small cohorts having the selected and committed high potential entrepreneurs and startups.
  • #1 Live One-on-One Mentoring Meeting, with the key mentors at Lemon ecosystem.
  • #2 Group Mentoring Sessions around Pitching, Idea Validation, Market, and Startup.
  • 10 Exclusive Learning Videos by Lemon School of Entrepreneurship on the topics like Go To Market, Building the Founding Team, etc.
  • 100 Pages of Learning Material by Lemon School of Entrepreneurship having the concise experience of other entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Access our Alumni Network which has raised more than $40 Mn USD in the calendar year of 2021, and seek knowledge and inputs from them based on your need and requirements. Click here to know more about Innopreneurs Alumni.
  • Startup Score-carding and Due Diligence by Lemon experts for fundraising or cracking any B2 B-based deal with corporate.
  • Avenues for Preferential Fundraise and Contest Participations for your startup with Lemon and in our wide partners’ network too like Indian Angel Network, 100x.vc, IP Ventures, Venture Catalysts, Native Angel Network, Lets Venture, Ah! Ventures etc.
  • Start Discussions, Seek, and Share Knowledge with Industry Peers who joins as your fellow member in this exclusive club.
  • Recognition with Membership Certification and Community Rewards as part of this membership at Lemon ecosystem.
  • Explore Learning Opportunities through Lemon Programs, Events, Projects, and Fellowship Opportunities at Lemon as well as startups in the ecosystem.
  • Leverage Lemon’s Connects in Ecosystem in India and 10 Other Countries with over 9+ years of presence and consistent efforts in the ecosystem since 2013.


About Lemon

Established in 2013, Lemon Ideas is on a mission of “Innovation by EveryONE” and has evolved as an enabling & self-sustaining ecosystem for the creation, nurture, and growth of entrepreneurial ventures through various initiatives propelling innovation, self-reliance, and job creation for Bharat. The major contribution of Lemon includes awareness building, training, mentoring as well as venture creation & acceleration. Lemon engages entrepreneurs, SME’s and start-up founders driven by the spirit of conscious business, sustainability, co-creation, and innovation with an enhanced focus on “Education” & “Sustainable living-Environment centered” domains. The Lemon platform has become very fertile for idea seeds to get sprouted and become sustainable ventures. The magic of co-creation and reflective learning is instrumental for the transformation of entrepreneurs at Lemon.

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