Encounter with Experts

Dt: 30-12-2016

It is said that ‘We learn from the experience of others.’ I always wonder how we can learn from the boring lectures given by the guest speakers. Might be I’d never thought of listening the lectures the way others listen. I really thank to Lemon Ideas that they have changed my way of thinking. In Lemon I came to know the importance of the lectures delivered by the experts. Have you ever thought that there are so many people around us who have tremendous knowledge and experience too…. We never got to know about them just because of one reason. I.e. we never think of talking with people.

In Lemon Ideas, I get opportunities to connect with so many talented and experienced people around me. In this post I would like to share what all I gained in last few weeks. Hope it would be helpful to you too. In last 3 weeks I met so many great personalities from different domains, which clarified my vision to walk ahead. They shared their views on the dice but trust me this gave me useful learnings that will helpm me in my walk of life…

Mr. M. S. Unnikrishnan (MD & CEO at Thermax) gave a very beautiful and inspiring speech at VIA (Vidarbh Industries Association), he showed us in how many ways we can think , how many opportunities we have around us and how can we start any venture in different ways and technology solving the simple problems. He Said “don’t think of things in negative; Always think in positive direction.”  “From hands to work to mouth to feed; is an entrepreneur looks at the human being.” These two statements change my way of looking at the problems.

The other guest I met in Lemon playfield was Mr. Ulhas Argekar- head ICT- National & West Zone Norkse Veritas. In his 30 years of carrier he has held many senior positions in different companies. He is also the member of Olympics monitoring committee. He shared his experience and learnings with us. He made us aware of most of the standards used in different domain and told us about the importance of the standardizing any product. He also made us familiar with the term Integrated Management system which is very important for a small firm or any startup. Apart from this Mr. Ulhas also told us how to think about any product and what should be the steps for finalization of any product for manufacturing etc. I was feeling great to spend time with him.

Mr. Satish Puthran Head-Foreign Exchange (Mauritius). I loved the way he look at the world. He is the man having his dedication towards his work. He follows his rules which led him to success. These are

  • Apply Logical application of mind
  • Use common Sense
  • Have No-Nonsense Attitude

In his talk he also gave the mantra to be successful entrepreneur by never making fool of customer. He said “Never to feel low of doing anything.” He also inspired us by saying that: “sell your product on your guts. Never deal with the designation, behavior and success of customer, and Always keep expression of Humbleness and sense of maturity.” He finally ended his talk by saying ‘never carry fear with you.’ But this was not enough, Mr. R.K Kulluri- VP at NEN Ecosystem; showed the way of helping hand for the Startups and also gave us the lesson to develop a Startup with sustaining model. Mr. kulluri also showed us the path for starting any idea/ Startup by sharing his views, he said

– Understanding & making study of market and then thinking about the product that fits the best in that market.  This will lead to and sustainable startup.

After this, we had Mr. Anand Mahajan from Silicon Valley having 12 years of experience in big data analytics in database generation and management. He gave us a very beautiful presentation on Big Data showing how a data may help you and what power does it have. He said that if we utilize the big data in proper manner we can do anything and can connect with any technology. This is the best tool to make a sustainable venture. I always used to store my data in unstructured manner and always face the problem whenever I have to recall those files again. After knowing the importance of the data and the way to handle it I will definitely implement this knowledge in my life.

So much Learnings, so many insights; I know it is not possible to implement all these stuff at the same time but, I can assure you that if we all try to follow these simple things in our work it will definitely reduce our problems we often face because of our own mistakes.