Life is a cinema where performance counts more than its length. Your performance depends on the willingness and choice of the roles you play the success or failure of that cinema depends on the role which you highlight.

You cannot always play one role in the game of life. You need to change the roles according to the circumstances. The attributes of artists and attributes of entrepreneurs are so similar. Artists don’t just play one role, they make Theatre. “Entrepreneurs” do the same thing; they just make “Business Theatre.

To understand the complications and empathy while running any business with perseverance and self-belief, an esteemed mentor and IIM professor Mr. Jeyavelu helped us connect with emotions and attain self-actualization. An artist in theatre should be sometimes spontaneous, intuitive and beyond script. Entrepreneurs, similarly, often find themselves in such situations and must rely on quick thinking, problem solving and following the impulses. We played a play, in which one needs to be spontaneous, quick thinking and impulsive. Similarly, we learnt several methods such as attribute listing and product characteristics which are for generating viable products, product development and operation control. We had several leadership activities that which has covered the roles of entrepreneurial journey.


Theatre cannot be created alone. One must have at least one actor and at least one audience member. Similarly, an entrepreneur must have donors, sponsors, investors and customers. We were honoured to have Mr. Paul D’souza, who believes in transformational leadership and gave us the success mantra of Thinking Critically and Analysing Creatively. We were given several activities that generated a quest for Risk-taking and Decision-making as an Entrepreneur. He has provided us with 40 steps of successful Business Generation and techniques to survive in market competition.


The training we undertook is preparing us for a possible life as an entrepreneur. We don’t even analyse that we play so many roles in the entrepreneurial journey till we connect all those dots. This was a real experiential learning of knowing ourselves and converting the weaknesses into strengths. We have most importantly learnt the lesson to Think, Analyse and Act accordingly.

-Sai Pavan Hanumantkari

-Maitri Borundia

(LSE Cohort 2016)