First Step towards the Path of Entrepreneurship

      I was very enthusiastic and motivated about this courses when this course was started, we have learnt several new things till this day and we also sense that we will learn more in the upcoming weeks.
          When big personalities are mentoring and inspiring the budding entrepreneurs and are assets to entrepreneurship field, I feel motivated to start my entrepreneurship journey. A few such inspiring entrepreneurs came here & expressed their journey and experience with us and guided us in different manner which we can easily understand and implement.
Journey of lemon school of entrepreneurship is very wonderful for me. At the very first day, a well renowned personality in Nagpur and the owner of Plasto Tanks, Mr. Vishal Agrawal oriented us as well as shared with us his experience He also motived us and gave some useful insights which will be useful in entrepreneurship journey.
          Mr. Sanjay Arora, one of the Lemon mentors, introduced some of the Marketing skills which will be very useful to our journey. Mr. Paul D’souza gave us important Entrepreneurship tips and lessons. Mr. Uday Wankawala gave us knowledge about the business development such as Market strategies & Market analysis, how to meet market needs and fill the gaps.
          I never thought about self when Mr.Prabodh Yelne guided us as if we are shown a mirror to look inside. What you are is the most important aspect for entrepreneurs so that you love what you are doing. Poonam mam also helped us to know more about ourselves. Divya Sir provided us the glimpse of how successful management system and organization work. They gave us several tasks like describing about your role model as they always inspire and influence you, gave us case studies to be solved. Dr. Dwarika Uniayal taught us about consumer empathy. Professor Jayvelu guided us about innovation. Mr. Shatanand Pandya gave us a brief introduction about technological aspects required for our entrepreneurship journey. Rajeev sir provided us knowledge about attributes of entrepreneurs.
          The most important part of my Lemon journey is the motivation by our chief Idea mentor Mr. Deepak Menaria, my real role model, who is always ready to give us mentorship guidance and motivate us.