How Start-ups Are Like Karan Johar movies!

The other day I was sad, and that meant a marathon of my favorite Karan Johar movies. Why, you ask. They are full of feels, take you on an emotional roller coaster, give you a chance to shed tears and yet end on a happy note.

At the end of the day, I made an awe-inspiring discovery – start-ups are just like KJo movies. Before laughing the thought off, read out a few of my reasonings .

Products of passion
There is a lot passion that goes into the making them. A cinematic masterpiece is not possible unless the makers believe in their product. The same is true for any start-up; its story begins with the founders’ passion for and belief in their cause.

  1. Big value propositions

Big budget productions are the specialty of our man KJo. In the world of start-ups as well, every good idea backed by an efficient team has a huge value.

  1. Grand planning and execution

Since these are both highly valued products even at the ideation stage, there is a need to justify the expectations from it through efficient execution of the strategies that go into their making. That calls for planning and execution to be at a grand scale as well.

  1. Star value affects the product

However good the idea of a movie, the story and screenplay may be, it needs to rest on the shoulders of good actors and artistes to succeed. Similarly, the success of a start-up depends on a good team as well. The execution of a good idea is what counts and not just the Idea.

  1. Global appeal

KJo movies have a huge fanbase among foreigners and NRIs. That’s because the topics he deals with are universal. That is exactly the secret of success for many of the successful start-ups as well. They can address and solve the same problem around the world, with the same model.

  1. You can roll into the banks if successful

The blockbusters among the successful Karan Johar movies are really big grossers at the box office. So can be a successful start-up, which can generate billions of dollars for its founders and backers.

  1. The successful ones become legendary

The dialogues, styles and songs in most KJo movies, especially the hit ones, gain a legendary status. A successful start-up is no less. It gains a cult status, with its story being retold several times over and encourage entrepreneurs all over the world.

  1. They make our world a happier place

The feel-good, ending-on-a-happy-note movies made by the ace filmmaker gives us a bright outlook of the world around us. Start-ups also do the same, by solving our problems or giving us a service we need.

So, those are few similarities we find between the movies that are churned out of the Dharma Productions stable. Can you think of any more? Or do you disagree with any of the points? Let us know what you think of this comparison.