Is there a need for training entrepreneurs?

There are several skills and arts that they say cannot be taught. People have to be naturally good it. The question of whether entrepreneurship is one of them is often raised. Specifically, the one query raised in front of us does Indian kids need formal training in entrepreneurship, given our natural talent for jugaad.

An argument we always hear from those against the idea is that most traits required in an entrepreneur, like passion and determination, can not be taught. Nobody else can teach a person how he can become a visionary. And, they are right. How can such abstract qualities as outside the box thinking, a fire in the belly or a hunger for success be artificially infused in anyone’s personality?

Now, the thing is people naturally having these qualities may lack some others. Good financial planning or resource management, for instance. Sometimes, it may be just the lack of experience that may be undermining an otherwise talented individual to float their own venture. This brings us back to our original question, is there a need for entrepreneurs to undergo any kind of training?

So here’s our answer: If it was not, there wouldn’t be such a big number of MBA institutions across the country. Besides, most of these institutions teach management in a particular area like HR or finance whereas an entrepreneur needs to be well versed with all aspects of running an enterprise.

Entrepreneurship is all about execution more than just imagination. This makes it highly experiential and thus it needs to be learned through experience and not just ‘Gyan’ session inside the classroom. There is no rocket science in management and true for entrepreneurship as well but what matters is picking up learnings from others & past , thus moving fast. Training & Mentoring based on experience of others makes it wiser for newbie entrepreneurs to seek forward to.

Let’s make new mistakes while we learn from others mistakes and make a smart move in highly competitive landscape of business world.

So, the answer is simple, yes there is a need to give entrepreneurship-specific training, even to Indian kids. In fact, that is the very reason and mission with which we launched Lemon School of Entrepreneurship.

— Deepak Menaria , Founder & Chief idea Farmer- LEMON