Journey of LSE Entrepreneur

To being an entrepreneur you just need to forget about vacations, forget about going home at 6 PM& you wake up in the middle of the night & you start thinking about your startup. LSE school makes the entrepreneurial journey more exciting where you will not having any classroom session , no attendance tension . Many people from all over India come together with same ambition. Many Startup take a birth in LSE School.

Seeing Eyes and Helping hands this is the main motive of Yellow Hat. Yellow Hat  is providing lifts to the needy person in free of cost. Right now Amit Raut one of the members  of LSE Cohort batch 2016 who has taken the responsibility of Yellow Hat. The journey of Yellow hat it will be successful because it will make difference in people life that will definitely   change the  current scenario

In technological Era it is necessary to complete daily chores in smart ways.Arbob & Akhilesh are taking responsibility of Cube technologies which deals in the home automation products. Their motto is to help people save time in their daily tasks.One righteous idea can make a huge impact in many peoples’ lives. Nowadays there is a great development in the food industry. Along with the progress there are lots of cases of food adulteration and thus the consumers are deceived with the quality of the product.

Mithilesh Mantri came up with a generous idea of not letting the consumer get tricked anymore, and decided to launch his startup withthe main product as Wheat Flour. His purpose is to give the consumers a pure product that is made from pesticide free crops. Mithilesh always wanted to go in the food business; he joined the LSE’s COHORT in 2016 and found a great deal of supervision. His other products include Jowar flour and Lemon pickle. With a noble idea in his mind and to bring a change in food industry and with the support ofLSE; Mithilesh is all set to launch his product in market very soon.

In the six month of their entrepreneual journey, all the entrpreneuar atleast know the path to know their business. LSE is only place where one can enjoy entrepreneual status in less time.