It’s very important for an entrepreneur to adopt the ability to survive harsh conditions by edging himself with confidence, tenacity, risk taking, perseverance and to build ability to survive in unfavourable conditions.

It was the day for us, when we experienced the freshness of nature at 5 in the morning. We headed to Rama Dam for some joyful exercises. We all were astonished by seeing the beauty of the nature. Later we moved for the see-saw Activity, where we were asked to balance the see-saw. Through that activity, we learned about the importance of balance in personal and professional life of an individual.

After getting back to the camp, a mouth-watering breakfast was waiting for us. After satisfying our hunger, we went for an activity where we were divided into two teams and were given some bamboos, drums and some ropes. We were asked to make a raft on our own. The task was a real difficult one, as we were doing it for the very first time. Nobody had any sort of clue, about how to move ahead. We could see blank faces all around. After many attempts, we finally somehow managed to make a raft which could float on water.


We sat on our own handmade raft. What a satisfactory experience it was! It was our own creation. Our team was full of energy. Everyone was shouting and making noises with huge enthusiasm. We grabbed the flag and drove back to source from where we had started. We finally dismantled the raft. Hashhh!! We did it.

Our stomach was yelling for food. We rushed to the canteen and had a wonderful lunch.

Further we with our outbound mentor Mr. Mukesh Ashar and few other mentors had a gupshup where we could share our adventurous insights and feelings about the whole outbound camp. We all realized that, “adventure helps people discover and develop their potential, to care for themselves, others and the world around them through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings.”

We thanked the whole team of Sahas camp for their immense support, who made our journey a memorable one. We appreciated them for their adherence to their core principles such as safety, discipline, punctuality, cleanliness and hygiene.

We packed our bags and left to get back to our routine life, but what we carried was intangible:    Deep learnings and many unforgettable memories.

Shubham Charkha

Mithilesh Mantri

Amit Raut

(LSE Cohort 2016)