How to follow your passion?

“Follow your passion”, this has become a stock phrase whenever a successful person is asked to provide a direction or advice to youngsters. While it sounds all fine and dandy to not have a care in the world and do whatever your heart pleases. But, is it something every one of us has the luxury to do?

Even if we don’t want, most of us have responsibilities and bills to pay. This often means we chose well-paying jobs and ‘safer’ choices over a carefree life. Little place for passion in such a world, right? However, the millennials are now starting to question the mantra of following your passion.

The new mantra is, “Don’t follow your passion. Generate it.”

It might seem like yet another abstract advise, but give it a thought. Every job, however dull or difficult, contributes towards the betterment of the world we live in. Whether it is a farmer or an investment banker, they are both trying to make ends meet while also doing their bit for the community.

Try understanding your contribution to your organization and, by a stretch to the world. This will help you feel more positive about your role, generate the necessary passion towards the work and be happy doing it. You could also take steps to make the organization socially conscious through CSR activities and the like.

Besides, there are several passions that can still be pursued while you hold on to your day job. After all, there are certain luxuries that come with that paycheck that passion won’t be able to bring in alone. The catch here is that you may be passionate about something, but really good at something else. The choice, then, is excelling in career and being just another person with passion.

This is not to say that doing something disruptive, starting something new is impractical altogether. Quitting the rat race of the corporate arena may not always result in a tragedy. However, while doing this, one needs to have a plan and Plan B in place.

There are many examples of people who worked on something they were passionate about, and that could be a window of opportunity, while still holding on to the job that helped pay the bills. Then, there are those who save enough for a certain period over which they work on their passion.

You don’t necessarily have to toe the same line. However, just remember making more practical choices even when you work on following your passion. And, if you are not sure what this plan should be, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship will be happy to be your guide in your journey as you follow your passion.