Startup Trends in 2017

A start-up is a budding company which has just begun to grow. These companies are usually small have less finance to put in the firm and is started by the handful of people. These company aim at producing those products and services which are not being established or started by anyone in the market or founders believe that these products are been given in an inferior manner. Usually, start-up and traditional business are being misinterpreted, but start-up are budding entrepreneurs which require investment and trusted investors as well and have should have an exit plan.

Startup trend 2017

There are various startup trends coming up in way of 2017 in different fields areas.

Digital payment: Digital payment is growing faster after the demonetization has come into phase.More start-ups are being established on this platform to make India digital platform.

Chatbot startup:  Chatbox will be the no.1 application for consumers to interact, which will reduce spending on customer service and insurance and financial representatives.

E-COMMERCE: Many companies are being set up in e-commerce to mobilize goods and service and the companies are challenging each other to come up with flying colors like Alibaba is going to set up a great platform which will make challenging for others e-commerce companies which are running.

Cybersecurity startup: With so much cyber crimes in the world and with every new attack and vulnerability, companies are planning to make start-up in cybercrime so that the goodwill remains which will help in organizations which reduce the risk of breach.

AR and VR startup: With games like Pokemon go being launched through AR/VR technology start-ups are coming up through this platform.

The rise of media: With many media channels coming up as venture more provoking media are growing up with more maturity.

Equity Crowdfunding: This startup is going to start for funding the crowd from everyday investors.People now don’t have to move places in search of a fund .They can directly contact this startup.A startup to watch for.


Ready for the changes??

With this new interesting start-up coming up the way it will be interesting to see how this global arena will accept the change, for this these startup has to give the good overview and make the market control in their hands.

“Start-ups are the area whose value are in ideas, depends on how we use it”