Ten Traits for the first team of your Startup!

The importance of having the right team at the helm of affairs at a start-up. Since the number of employees in a start-up is small, especially at the early stage, hiring can be a tricky business. No wonder that many founders find this activity to be more difficult than any other part of floating an enterprise.

However, there are certain traits that a founder must ensure in each employee in his dream venture. While this does not guarantee success, the chances surely do improve with a good team. Moreover Startups are often competing with biggies of the industry when it comes to hiring the best talent. Operating with limited resources and optimizing the output drives the success of a startup.

Here are a few characteristics that every start-up employee (including the founder) is expected to have:

Every employee of a start-up must believe in its mission. This will ensure their loyalty in the most trying circumstances that the company may go through. So, look out for the ones who are passionate about the area your company is serving.

In early stages, start-ups can only spare as much to its employees. Make sure the person you are hiring knows this and can manage with comparatively low wages for some time. These are people who look for challenges, job satisfaction and vibrant culture than just salary package.

In a start-up, the same person is often expected to play multiple roles at once. Therefore, every person must be good at juggling additional responsibilities as and when the need arises.

It is very important for all your team members to be loyal to you and the company in the very competitive world of start-ups. It’s their loyalty would that drive the employees to help you get through the tough times, or outmaneuver your competitors.

There are many crucial situations in the journey of an early stage enterprise where employees need to be proactive and make some decisions without waiting for orders. Make sure you only hire such people whom you can trust your team members’ instincts if they do this.

Team player
Collaboration between team members if often required in start-ups. This means that there must be a certain amount of camaraderie and rapport among them. However, it can only be achieved when the people in question are so inclined.

Constant ups and downs are a regular part of an entrepreneurial journey. Therefore, every person inducted in a start-up must have a tough determination to make things work without giving up.

Start-ups need to change their strategies very often. Also, the do not have the kind of structure that the corporate bigwigs have. This makes it extremely important for the team members to be adaptable in every situation.

Quick learner
For the same reasons as above, a person who is a quick learner can be a great asset to any start-up. Because they may have to pick up some skills on the job in order to serve the company well in the face of constant and varied challenges. Talent with right attitude to learn than just being ready of teach-functional skill would be more useful for a startup on a long run.

Any person who is a part of a start-up in its early stages should share the vision of the founders, or have his own, for the company. This will also ensure that the said employee is associated with the company on a long-term basis as it aligns with his own career trajectory as well.

While you may have lots of expectations from your prospective employees, remember that they have their share of expectations, too. After all, these professionals are choosing to be a part of your organization when they could have been employed by huge corporates in their areas of expertise.

— Deepak Menaria , Founder & Chief idea Farmer- LEMON