Crowdsource of Ideas for battle against CORONA

WHAT AN IDEA FOR COVID-19 is a crowdsourcing idea campaign by Lemon Ideas (www.lemonideas.in) and launched on INNOPRENURS contest platform, (www.innopreneurs.in). A small contribution from startups towards the biggest battle in recent times.

In these unprecedented and difficult times of our lifetime, we stand here in a very peculiar situation with corona virus spreading all across the world. This is a very different kind of danger in front of us unlike dangers such as military war or maybe a natural calamity of earthquake or a tsunami, which were time bound & we knew that they would finish at some point of time or the impact was restricted to geo tags.  In situations such as spread of plague or Flu where the carrier was some ‘x’ animal and there was a certain action for elimination and containment of spread. Here the problem is very different because we humans ourselves are the (unnatural) carriers of this virus. Humans would become stronger, learned and awakened after this corona storyline.

COVID-19 is growing vigorously in India and in the rest of the world. Every country is trying its best to face the challenge and threat posed by the growing pandemic of COVID 19 – the Corona Virus. This virus has made humans change their way of living drastically, hence opened various areas of problems for humans either directly or indirectly. The spirit of Humanity is a big reality beyond politics, government, organizations, countries, geography, and religion. It’s all united as one. The entire humanity stands united against this new danger and is making collaborative efforts to save lives of people on earth and making it a safer place. The novel ideas to battle Novel CORONA can come from anywhere and its time for all ideators, innovators, entrepreneurs, change makers, thinkers, and researchers to come forward. Further, there are several inputs with regard to individuals and companies who have developed technologies and innovative solutions etc that can be leveraged for strengthening the fight against Corona.

In order to involve the community in the fight against the Virus, we would want you to share your ideas/suggestions/solutions/needs to help fight #Coronavirus. Submitted ideas will be forwarded/evaluated for implementation and those selected will be suitably rewarded. We at Lemon would make all efforts to publish these idea and bring them into the eyes of appropriate Govt. agency or organization or individuals for further support & possible implementation. We have identified the following mentioned tracks to channelize ideas for relevant actions for contribution for this battle.

  • Problems/need arising (lockdown). Needs or problems arising out of lockdown & pandemic on people
  • Lockdown times- Best ways to use locked down productively
  • Spread – Ideas for stop or lessen the spread of te virus
  • Social distancing- Ideas for social distancing in public life, office, daily routine etc
  • Testing- Ways and tools to test the virus
  • Isolation- Ideas for isolation and quarantine of infected or suspected individuals
  • Cure- Possible methods and treatment for cure of the infection
  • Prevention- Best steps and precautions to prevent the infection of COVID 19 in future
  • Social impact- Suggestions or assessment of impact of the lockdown and pandemic on people’s social life
  • Psychological impact- Possible Psychological impact of individuals
  • Economic impact – Implications of the widespread pandemic on economy
  • Others- Any other ideas relevant to the cause

Let’s come together & innovate for the mission against Coronavirus!


Challenge Launch: March 29, 2020.

Last Date of Submission: April 15, 2020.


Open for all.


  • Platform to showcase the innovation.
  • Opportunity for exposure to the government and other organizations
  • Chances of being picked by incubation / funding / accelerator partners.
  • Contribution to the well being of humans.
  • Mentorship support, launch the startup with us!
  • Entrepreneur in Residence Opportunity with Lemon Ideas.
  • Google Cloud Credits worth $3000.

RESOURCES (Source MyGov.in)

Public Datasets for Research & Innovation on Coronavirus.

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