Who is a Consumer??

The consumer behavior activity was done by all the lemon candidates over different vendors like

A) Street Vegetable seller

B) Flower Seller

C) Chinese food stall

D) Bhel puri ,Chat sellers and many more…

Also Some  of the candidates observe  more local vendors…

All the candidates share lots of insights from their experience

Few Consumer come with the predefined mindset of what to buy.

Few Customer on the basis of unique price given by the seller

Few Customer come due to wish of their children and then ultimately they also end up in having some thing.

Upon taking the survey the shopkeeper and customer also came into picture

Few customer were very happy about the behavior of local vendor and giving some more quantity in terms of goods…

Few customer were enjoying the ambiance of the place , those who came alone were finding the place were they can eat alone eg.. in the backyard kind of arrangement

Customer was also getting affected by the facial and body language of the vendor…

Of course the hygiene and  cleanness have their different role in customers buying decisions ….

Customers were happy because of the happy crowded and lighting place.

Overall There are lot more insight from the  activity which can be used as the unique selling price of any can be considered as business..

Thank you ….Keep reading …reading and reading.. 🙂