Winners and Special Recognitions | Innopreneurs Season 7 Grand Finale


Startup / Idea: Hala Mobility
Founder(s): SRIKANTH REDDY KALAKONDA (LinkedIn) ; Snehith Meda (LinkedIn)
Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
Brief: Hala is a multimodal shared mobility platform that enables 3PL, delivery companies to switch to electric with a bundled solution of EV, Analytics tools powered by AI, battery swap infrastructure.

1st Runner Up

Startup / Idea: Petrobot Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Founder(s): Sahab Singh Gurjar (LinkedIn); Romit Kalra (LinkedIn); Shashi Kumar Phagna (LinkedIn)
Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
Brief: Petrobot Technologies are into developing service robots for their use in the infrastructure sector, which will perform inspections in hazardous and confined spaces. It will be 5 times faster and 10 times cheaper than global players. Apart from all this, technology will safeguard the life of humans in confined spaces

2nd Runner Up

Startup / Idea: Project Bala
Founder(s): Soumya Dabriwal (LinkedIn) ; Aradhana Rai Gupta (LinkedIn) ; Subhojit Bakshi (LinkedIn)
Location: Delhi, India
Brief: Baala is on a mission to ensure every menstruator has access to affordable and sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions. They envision a world where menstruators in all communities have an agency over their body, education & career, where their decisions are not limited to the choice of menstrual absorbent or lack thereof.

Special Recognition #1

Best Team From Bharat
Startup / Idea: Beta Builds
Founder(s): Nirmesh Rajyaguru (LinkedIn); Pratik Agarwal (LinkedIn); Samir Kumar Dash (LinkedIn)
Location: Rourkela, Odisha, India
Brief: BetaBuilds have come up with a “PATENT GRANTED” technology, an innovative solution which addresses to the user’s need of making mobile payments safely “without the need of internet” seamlessly with a rich user experience.

Special Recognition #2

Best Circular Economy team
Startup / Idea: Angirus Ind Pvt Ltd
Founder(s): Kunjpreet Arora (LinkedIn); Lokesh Puri Goswami (LinkedIn)
Location: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
Brief: Angirus is an innovative circular economy startup that makes high-performance bricks named Wricks reducing the construction cost by up to 20%. Wricks are eco-friendly, lightweight, and dampproof bricks, as an alternative to unsustainable clay bricks. Wricks weigh 1Kg lesser and have the compressive strength equivalent to high-class brick. It is being tested and validated by govt. accredited NABL laboratory on the primary standard tests.

Special Recognition #3

Best Women Team
Startup / Idea: Aviotron Aerospace
Founder(s): Neha Chauhan (LinkedIn) ; Ch Vaishnav (LinkedIn) ; Nitin Choyal (LinkedIn)
Location: Delhi, India
Brief: Aviotron Aerospace are solving a major problem faced by millions of students that is lack of skill-based education, where students are not able to relate their theoretical concepts with real-life applications, due to this students are opting for their career domain based on their marks rather than a certain skill set, which is creating a huge gap between academic standards and Industrial requirements, hence leading towards the major problems like unemployment.

There are some startups recognized for being into the Top 10 Startups of Innopreneurs Season 7

  • Herbchick F & B Pvt Ltd (Top 10 Startup- Special Achievement, Season 7)
    Team: Ankit Ahlawat, Pranav Puliani
  • Unboxing Art (Top 10 Startup- Special Achievement, Season 7)
    Team: Husain Rasheed, Himanshu Sontakke, Aquib Ajani
  • MEDXPRESS (Top 10 Startup- Special Achievement, Season 7)
    Team: Arun Kumar, Dr Dipak Mitra
  • LOUOJ (Top 10 Startup- Special Achievement, Season 7)
    Team: Bibhuti Dash, Priyanka nanda

Startups Recognised in Top 25 Startups but didn’t make it to Top10

  • Quantesla Medical Technologies – Dr. Mandar Dharmadhikari
  • Cre-AID Labs Pvt. Ltd. –  Amartya Gupta
  • Empfly Services-Field-force Monitor – Basudha Shrivastav
  • Robo Bionics (Bionic Hope Pvt Ltd) – Llewellyn Dsa
  • Hire by Hour – Sanjay Kumar patra
  • Backyard creators – Raman R & Lakshmanan
  • Pawcare Pvt.Ltd – Divyani lamba
  • Astu Eco – Anitha Shankar

Special Recognitions

  • Pawcare Pvt.Ltd –  New Emerging Concept
  • Robo Bionics (Bionic Hope Pvt Ltd) – Most innovative Startup
  • Praketa Innotech Pvt Ltd –  Best Idea for common man
  • Jigyasu – Best Team for Technology adoption
  • CogniCue Analytics – Novel Idea to watch out
  • Project Zariya – Best Philanthropy work

Innopreneurs Season 7 also witnessed International Startup Participations. Here are the Best International Teams from Season 7

  • Follo ( UK ) – Chris Miller, Charlie Pothecary
  • Greenele (Finland) – Lavan Khoshnaw, Jaisal Ashraf
  • Aero Tech Bhutan – Anuj Pradhan,  Sangay Dorji, Jamyang Chophel
  • Eastcart (Uganda) – Andrew Okello, Amuge Suzan, Eteku Moses
  • CID Auto (South Korea) – Ross Kim, Raymond Min
  • Earthly (Dubai) – Esha Jain, Palak Bhati

Idea Contest



Other Consolation prizes of the idea contest include

  • Agriyan (Founder : Rohan Guneshchandra Sonawane, Pavan Kale, Vishwajeet Bhagyawant)
  • Electrun Motors, ( Team : Sahil Uttekar, Piyush Sharma, Mohit Narula)
  • Sunbots Innovations LLP (Team : Suket Amin, Deep Parmar, Ravi Jadav)

Lemon Ideas has also recognized startups who made it to the Top 10 of the What An Idea Contest.

  • ThinkRaw Innovations Pvt. Ltd. ( Top 10 WAI & Best Prototype) Founder: Minushri Madhumita
  • CyberDeck (Top 10 WAI) – Sagarnil Das, Sagar Ghosh, Souvik Sarkar
  • INDIASPEAKS RESEARCH LABS Pvt. Ltd. (Top 10 WAI contest) – Sasidharan Ayyavu, Madhavaraj Ayyavu, Ganesh Ghalme
  • Pitaara Unleashed (Top 10 WAI ) –  Prachi Mittal, Manyata Malhotra
  • Willow wicker (Top 10 WAI) – Masroor Ahmad Malik

Best Woman led team

  • Astu Eco – Anitha Shankar
  • Pawcare Pvt.Ltd – Divyani lamba
  • Project Bala – Soumya Dabriwal
  • Aviotron Aerospace – Neha Chauhan
  • Angirus Ind Pvt Ltd – Kunjpreet Arora
  • Pitaara Unleashed –  Prachi Mitta
  • ThinkRaw Innovations Pvt. Ltd. – Minushri Madhumita
  • Earthly –  Esha Jain
  • Oeco Healthcare Private Limited – Dr Sonal Dhabekar

Rural Focused Startups

  • Project Baala
  • Medyseva
  • Bharat Krushi Seva
  • Betabuilds Technologies
  • Medxpress
  • Aero Tech Bhutan

Best Team Circular Economy

  • Earthly
  • Astu Eco
  • Angirus
  • Gross International
  • Uneako Green
  • Eco Greenovations