1st Outbound activity by Lemon entrepreneurs as Lemon Selling Project.

1st Outbound activity by Lemon entrepreneurs as Lemon Selling Project.


First outbound activity by Lemon Entrepreneurs as Lemon Selling Project.

Today we were told to come early dressed in Lemon Uniform. Ashwin sir brought a bag full of 400 lemons and spread it on the floor and get,set,go. We now have to loot as many of them as possible. 1st attempt many got 81 some got around 60 or 50 some also got just 2. It was fun. Second attempt – 42 some got 80 some just 2 or 3. Actual price of lemons Rs. 3.5 a pop. Now, our task is to sell the lemons in whatever the way and gain customer insights as well as profits.

Many strategies came along. Some thought of it as a pilot project of upcoming vegetable delivery startup, Some targeted rich consumers, some doorstep delivery technique at same rate of market, persuade them by telling them the benefits of LEMON, some went emotional and sympathetic, some were selling it as assorted lemon (best qualities), some put lemons into the packages etc. Very innovative yet critical approach of selling lemons.

Some guys sold lemons just after an hour or two from starting of lemon selling activity. Some took 3 or 4 hours but at last every single piece of lemon was successfully sold.

Now comes the most important part of the activity.

Experience sharing:-

Deepak Sir and Mukesh Sir sat together with us and start listening to insights everybody got from the activity.

I’ll list down a few important one of them:-

  1. Consumer Empathy is very important when you are going to sell something in the market. You have to convince yourself first that What people will buy the product you are offering?
  2. Strategic planning is crucial in starting a business or launching your product. We should not just jump into the conclusions and take some crappy decisions that can ruin our company.
  3. Team work is very important in building the company.
  4. Proper Knowledge of the product is equally important.
  5. You have to lure customers with offers and discounts to get a solid customer base.
  6. Know the location and competitors where you are going to target.
  7. Tell stories about your product.
  8. Reference can be used to get more customers.

                                                                           -Arbob Mehmood

                                                                             LSE Cohort-2016