Boot-Camp on Entrepreneurial Leadership & Idea Validation

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE) Offers various programs designed for entrepreneurs like you who have started their entrepreneurial journey and are in the early stages or are ideating to commence their journey on entrepreneurship and are thus seeking professional guidance before making up their mind. These programs are best if you are a working professional and looking at entrepreneurship as your next career inning.

Post Covid, LSE have relaunched its offline programs. Enrolments are open for our Certificate Program on Entrepreneurial leadership & Idea Validation

 The essence of this program is to assist you to have a holistic view of nuances of Entrepreneurship and learn  “How To Start A Startup”. Before  starting up one requires to understand the process of ideation as  every idea may be good but not suitable for you to take it up as a venture. Failure is another challenge which you must learn to accept. Learn from our mentors How to Face Failures.

This program will provide you with tools to develop an entrepreneurial thought process, innovative mindset and give a new approach of finding opportunity in every problem.

 We have selected few articles and videos from our pool to give some insights of what kind of learnings you are going to get at LSE

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This program has been curated by our mentors based on the learnings developed over past 9 years of interaction with various entrepreneurs , startups ,mentors, ecosystem players, customer feedback , Angle investors, Venture Capitalists etc.  Experiential learning is the USP at Lemon and you would enjoy being part of it. The learning experience gets enhanced in the lap of nature with an outdoor adventure camp as a part of the program. These programs are designed to bring out the best leader in you.

Program Outline

The total duration of the Certificate Program in Entrepreneurial Leadership & Idea Validation Program is 1 month.

  • Cohort size would be restricted to max 20 participants
  • The Program focuses on different aspects of entrepreneur’s journey (Skill building, Management education, Idea to Reality and Real life experience)
  • The Program has a three-dimensional approach: Foundation | Do-it-Yourself (DIY) | Finishing
  • Combination of Offline (10 days) and Online Modules ( 8 hours)
  • Total duration of the course is 108 Hrs
  • Residential training bootcamp at Learning campus at Nagpur, Maharashtra
  • Experiential learning on leadership skills at Adventure camp site near Nagpur
  • Successful candidates to become eligible for the next phase of the Program (Entrepreneurial Management & Venture Creation) & 3 months of extended incubation and “launch your venture” support by Incubation partner Lemon Ideas.
  • Participation in future Funding Demo days for two years
  • Flexibility to Learn while pursuing other engagements
  • Provision of livelihood stipends for full-timers under EiR program

Entrepreneurial Leadership & Idea Validation

LSE’s Entrepreneurial Leadership & Idea Validation program is comprehensive; combining one-on-one business counseling with group theory & practical sessions. The program starts with self-discovery and ideation. All essential management and entrepreneurship teachings including Idea generation, Idea Funnelling, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Mindful Entrepreneurship, Self-Awareness, Attributes, Leadership skills for Entrepreneur, Managing Risks, Conflict resolution, Team Dynamics, Outbound learning, Problem-Solution Modelling, 6E Model, etc are well addressed in the course.

The curriculum is based on recognized education principles, effectively linking theory and practice, with inputs from international experts, supported by well-known partner organizations.


Entrepreneurial Leadership & Idea Validation

Learning Tracks

  • Spirituality and Discovery
    Self-Awareness; Self-Learning; Self-Exploration; Creative-Thinking; Understanding Psychological Personality; Idea generation; Sources of ideas Psychological Orientation for entrepreneurship; Integration of self and social conscience; Alignment of self with entrepreneurship journey; Self Development Goals; Mindful Entrepreneurship; Ethics and values; Social impact, SDG’s.
  • Core Entrepreneurship
    Introduction to Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship attributes; Risk-taking; Entrepreneurs Mind set; Idea Selection & Validation; Converting Idea to Reality; 6-E measurement; Business Modeling; Metric analysis and tracking; Design Thinking, Innovation & Blue Ocean strategy; Kick-starting your venture.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
    Leading an Organization ; Finishing Skill building; Effective Communication (Verbal & Writing); Time Management; Team building; Behavioral Soft skills; Outbound / Life-skills camp etc
  • Experience Lab
    Experiential Learning; Real Life Immersion; Assignments; Projects; Startup case studies; Building Professional skills; Entrepreneurship in Residence; Entrepreneurship in Shadow.


Anyone over 14 years of age can enroll into LSE programs; man or woman, looking at domestic or overseas business ventures; rural or urban business; LSE offers programs for each of these. The program has no specific prerequisites for education, degree, experience, or marks.
The selection process is simple. Candidates will be admitted based on a Personal Interview. A reference from somebody in the Lemon Ecosystem would be an added advantage for selection. A certificate will be awarded to entrepreneurs on successful completion of the program.


The Mentor, Guest Speakers and Facilitators for the Entrepreneurial Leadership and Idea Validation program would be seasoned entrepreneurs, veteran experts, investors and subject matter specialists from India and international ecosystems like Europe, America, Japan and Africa. The Lemon mentor pool has a rich diversity of individuals from various domains and management functions ensuring right experiential input for various entrepreneurs at LSE.

Admission Process

Please write to us at | or call us on +91-8407911142 and request for the application form. Submit the application form and candidates will be scheduled for a Personal Interview. Details of which would be communicated separately by the program coordinator.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now and book your seat for the program and enjoy 10 days of fun filled experiential Bootcamp followed by 20 days of online support for an investment of less than Rs 900 per day. Program commences from 6th Jan 2023

About Lemon Ecosystem

Established in 2013, Lemon Ideas ( )is on a mission “Innovation by EveryONE” and is working towards empowering talented individuals to convert their Ideas into Reality (Business Ventures). Evolved as a self-sustaining start-up ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners as well as early-stage start-ups for complete end to end support at various stages of their journey including training, mentoring, ideation, validation, launch, execution, growth as well as fundraising. Innopreneurs Startup Contest ( ) is a highly popular yearly contest hosted by Lemon Ideas. It is much more than a conventional B-plan contest. It is an international level platform that encourages individuals/ students/ professionals to bring ideas, innovations to the platter for others to devour. Lemon School of Entrepreneurship-  (LSE) is a unique, new age Gurukul with a vision to support, mentor, and train budding as well as early-stage entrepreneurs. The pedagogy being learning by Doing, Learn through reflections, and real-life experimentation, LSE believes that creation of work portfolio through experiential learning and pre-incubation training is vital for entrepreneurship. Lemon has touched the lives of 10K entrepreneurs over the years.

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