Adventure N Learning

Lemon school of entrepreneurship has arranged a surprise trip for us. Team was divided in three groups and the treasure hunt started. No one knows the last destination and when we reached there, we were surprised! In the lap of Mother Nature surrounded by Green mountains in one side and water bodies on other an CAC Allrounder Adventure Village has been setup near Ramtek. All of us started exploring the camp, we noticed many equipment which an adventure guy can think off so the excitement was double.

It  was a 60 Hours outbound program in which each activity was planned strategically by Lemon Mentors. We did Team Building Exercise, Group activity, physically activity and fun activity to keep our enthusiasm up 24*7. It was learning with Fun and adventure. After each activity we were briefed about its purpose what were the mistakes we did and what we learned from that specific activity, for this I really thanks our Lemon Mentors. The deep insight what we got form each activity will be helpful to us in our future endeavor. We experienced how motivation works for you, how idea evolve in process, what is the importance of planned execution, trusting on your team members and its benefits…….

I was really inspired by our instructor. The way he interacted with us keeping his energy level all time high and how spontaneous he was for heading next activity. Some of his words he use to keep our fun level high like “Che Che Gore” “Hariyali Idhar Udhar” and the interesting Butterfly Clap with sound of Zheeeee…… Zheeeeee…. Were iceing on cake for us.

We cooked our breakfast without any amenities, We had night walk in Dark jungle, we did trekking up the mountain, Bridge Crossing, We watched Kapoor Bawadi ( An Ancient Shiva Temple), We made our raft and floated on water….  Other than this we had lovely antakshari time in night, Sky watch and tasty food Tent arrangement to sleep….

This program really helped us to know each other more closely, what best you can expect when your friends are with you.

I would really love to go back again with my family and spend some lovely time with them…..                                             By,

 Preetam Dhengle