Co-Creation Camp- Phase II

Dated: 26/12/2016

It is so well-said that the ecosystem in which you grow becomes conducive for your growth. All the elements going through the same pedagogy work in your favour and imbibe similar core values and principles inside you. To take this thought to a realistic level, Lemon Ideas arranged a Co-creation Meet on Sunday, 18th December 2016.

It was arranged basically to bring all the ex-lemon startups, Lemon entrepreneurs and the aspiring entrepreneurs together. Also, the motto of this full day meet was to reveal and explore all the potential ideas and concepts that are worth trying. Some entrepreneurs having the potential ideas were asked to present such ideas or futuristic product enhancements within five minutes. A dedicated window was provided to pitch such innovative concepts in this co-creation camp. This meet was attended by several lemons and lemonades, with a few lemonades joining on video-conferencing.

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The entire meet was properly organised at LEMON campus in BESA with a proper agenda of introduction, idea-pitching, learnings, Lemon- concepts sharing. After all the 8-9 idea presentations, voting was performed to bring out the 3 most viable ideas that could be discussed over break-out. Two Lemon incubated start-ups with their new services in Virtual Reality and Hospital Management got selected along with an abstract yet innovative idea in the education domain.

Audience was divided into three groups as per their choices and experts in the related domains were assigned to each of these three groups. This division helped the idea-owners on several fronts related to conversion and execution of those ideas into reality. Several insights included concrete definition of idea, growth plans, future strategies, target segment and beneficiaries, USP and revenue streams. We also got to network with all the people who were sailing in the same boat as we are now.

Through this Ideation camp, we understood the end-end process of turning a potential idea into a successful reality through critical reasoning and creative analysis. The major learnings also include systematic pitching in front of stakeholders, understanding the LEMON ecosystem, constructive ways to have successful startups, growth strategies and a sound peer-peer networking.

LSE Cohort 2016