Diaries Of Hope…

“If you have the words”
                       “There’s always a chance you will find a way”
                                              -Seamus Heany-
Let me tell you a story guys!! There was this girl, 11 years old , innocent and ambitious.
Her parents gifted her a diary on her 11th birthday, which also became her best friend for life. She named her diary “Kitty” and wrote in it since the very day she got it. Her family went into hiding in an annex when the holocaust was all over her country. I know you’re getting there but keep reading. Her family lived in the annex for a span of 3 years until one August morning in 1942 her entire family was caught and taken to concentration camps where the girl herself along with her family suffered death but her Father made it. Her diary was found among the rubble, was unanimously publishes and today it is known as “The Diary Of Anne Frank”. Amazing right?? How can a small bunch of papers be so powerful?? Our diaries are the very part of our inner a soul that lies deep within. Sometimes they are our source of inspiration, and our best friends too. Unlike many others our diaries do not criticize us but welcome each and every thought that others turn down. Its your chronicle of life. Today When I read my diary, It makes me laugh about how silly I was and how mature I am now. How I grew up from an infant to a girl. It feels as if we are been told us about our life by no one else but us. And believe me they are better than any formal sources of education. When you read your diary there is a minute moment of insight that leads us to the Zenith of realization. And that’s when you’ve learnt. That’s when you’ve grown!!
Go ahead, keep your diary and I promise that you will never be disappointed in life. At Lemon, each of us has a diary, we call it “The Entrepreneur’s Journal” I know heavy right!?? And we write in it everyday an reflect on our thoughts. And it feels good to see which peak have I conquered today. Signing out for today. Kudos!!
Persis Ratanparj
Lemon Blogger