Engaging Youth for Social cause: Necessity for Growth and Development

Engaging Youth for Social cause: Necessity for Growth and Development

India – The Nation of Youths, having 90% of the worlds youth population, where Youth are the transformers of both the present as well as the future. They are the energy for the India’s growth, development and change, and to fire this Indian energy, we had a Panel discussion on September 24th ,2016 with some of the renowned experts as well as Social entrepreneurs Dr. Amar Vazalwar (Founder Secretary, Sarathi Trust), Mr. Kaustav Chatterjee (Co-founder, Green Vigil) and Dr. Sanjay Trivedi (Chief Secretary, CAFE which stands for Child Adoption for Education) along with an army of some 50 youth individuals who were ready to fire themselves up for bringing a social change in the society.

On being asked about his youth days, Dr. Vazalwar frankly shared his experiences and challenges faced during his early years of life and importantly marked with his experience, that you always are paid back for the good you do towards the society, along with some additions in the form of bonus.

Mr. Kaustav Chatterjee shared his deep sense of love and appreciation towards environment along with a need towards creation of sustainable world. I was absolutely amazed to see a person’s anger towards anyone spoiling our godly environment, as well as a person’s love towards environment, which I have no earlier seen during this span of my life. He also expressed his views about the need for fulfillment of social responsibility as well its role for being a successful Entrepreneur.

Dr. Sanjay Trivedi who is the chief secretary at the foundation CAFE (Child adoption for education) expressed his views about the need and importance of youth of India, being involved in social cause. He also made some very motivating statements which fired all the youth population, like me, sitting at the panel discussion, to do something for the society by just sparing little time and wealth of our life for the social causes, for the betterment of society where large number of people from our country don’t have access to basic needs such as meal twice in a day, a roof over the head, proper clothes to wear and many more in a big list.


Seriously, In a country like India where there is 60% of youth population, who just die showing off, why don’t we all join hands together to do something for the welfare society, to do something for our motherly environment, to do something to remove social evils, to do something to help the needy that no one is anymore needy, to do something to safeguard our sisters who are alone on the road and allow them to enjoy their life as we do.

                                                                    Why Don’t We!!

Harshit Mandiya

Shubham Charkha

LSE Cohort (2016-17)