Every Moment, An Experience

   “A moment’s insight is sometimes ,
is worth a life’s experience”..
-Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr-

This blog I won’t be talking about anything particular, but just share what I feel. Today evening when everybody left for the day, I decided to stay back and catch up with my work, you know!! get up to speed with the schedule. So I sat quietly in the play field with my laptop, thinking about where to start from. But suddenly I realized, the place where I had reached. There was this moment when everything around me went quiet for sometime. And I could only think about one thing and that was EVERYTHING!! more specifically about the pace in which the past 7 weeks had passed by. Like I had said in the first blog that life at LSE is very much different than anywhere else. This time I could actually feel that difference. Since then time has passed by so fast I barely have been able to think about it. I’ve heard somewhere that time flies when you are having fun. And believe I am starting to feel so. I am starting to know myself like never before. Abhi Samajh raha hai that its the work that I love. But suddenly my mind took a turn and it took me to the things that had been left along the way. I feel like there is so much on my plate right now and I am not able to save what falls off  its side. Like any other adult I am finding it not so easy to, uh to balance life at LSE and life NOT at LSE. Also am I not so successful in completing my goals. Maybe this is me guiding myself but I feel that its all I need to get going!! Like Sanjay Arora sir says “Sacrifice is the essence of strategy”, and there’s the learning. Loads and loads of it. Being the youngest one at Lemon gives me an advantage because there are 12 of my lovely colleagues who constantly keep advising me, guiding me, cheering me and teaching me to look at life with a different perspective , they are more like a family to me, a lovely and caring family . I don’t have to be scared about making mistakes because I know that someone’s got my back. Its like if I am worried about everything I have Preetam ho tells me, “Persis tension mat le!!” and Aksh says “Punjaban Don’t take too much of load, just put your heart out at it!!!”. So maybe I am young, I am inexperienced and IMMATURE but I know I am learning and that’s all there is to it. Life is about learning, not only from your mistakes but everything that comes by in it. And to quote in Chris Gardner’s (Pursuit of Happiness) words, “This part of my life, is called Living Life’. And however hard or struggling or puzzled it maybe I LOVE IT!!!!!