During my whole school life never had I Self and Psychology lecture . And that too the 1st period!! Never had the place where i learnt was called a playground. Our first week at Lemon was intriguing and interesting , and as I wrote in my last blog ,unlike any other school or classroom. We have initiated quite a few projects one of them is that we will be taking care of the IT setup in the campus , so it is like a hands-on experience. I am having a hard time figuring out the “techie lingo” and remembering the names of the internet doohickeys used or needed to set up an IT infrastructure. But my friends are helping me. That I guess is another pro of meeting with people with expertise in different areas of knowledge. You get to absorb as much as you can. Learning about doohickeys and stuff gives you an upper hand while setting the IT infra of your own business firm one day. 
Sessions with mentors  have been great its letting of the stiffness and being comfortable in the atmosphere, freely interacting with each other and we have the freedom to raise questions as many as we want and whatever we want to know. I feel that this freedom will really expand our areas of responsibilities too. An entrepreneur has to know when to quit and by quitting it doesn’t mean to give up, it means show the grit to take up another challenge, face it and win it. And at the same time An entrepreneur knows where and when to control which area and how. Entrepreneurs have the ability to conceive the future by visualizing it and finally Creating it. This is what we here at Lemon are going to do in the years to come.
                       Persis Ratanparj
                     Lemon Blogger….