Gift Yourself A Start up This 2016

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Joyous New Year!! A new beginning isn’t it?! It feels as if on the 1st day, the sun shine brighter than the rest of the year. The sun rays at your feet, form a sunlit isle for you to walk on as if it’s your path to take. But before that.. Who can forget the partying? The resolutions for a better tomorrow??

Occasions like these, call for gifts. Gifts that signify a mark of respect and affection towards your elders, something that brings a smile on the faces of the little ones. Or a gesture of the Promise of a Lifetime to your loved one. Gifts are promises in themselves. In some cases they are the keys to a heart, in some they are the harbingers of Faith and Hope. It may surprise you to think that gifts, can sometimes be so miraculous that they can change someone’s lives or at least drive that someone to change his own life. It can be anything small like a Pencil or a Rose or as big as a Diamond studded Mercedes or an Airbus but can mean a lot more than just it to the person being gifted. It doesn’t necessarily have to be someone else but also, Yourself.

Treating yourself with a present isn’t wrong, one must also make sure while offering others or yourself for that matter. It has to be the best. Something promising, that inspires you to work upon to bring about a change. So why don’t we all gift ourselves a Start-up in this 2016?

India is Innovating, The World Bank has projected a GDP of 7.8 for India this year, higher than any other Country. And fortunately, the Government is backing it all up. Time was never so favorable. I do get that there is always a Next Time. But, You never know what lessons it may teach or milestones it could bring. You never know if this Start up, could lift you up to the Zenith of success. We, The Lemon Entrepreneurs (LSE) have fueled our rockets and warmed up, Start ups like UpLeap, Happily Grounded, CreatiFox, Mr. Pakoda, I-yatra and Praccelerator are good to go for a Pilot launch. What about you? You may think that this is not your cup of tea, but you won’t know unless you actually try it.

I have learnt it from someone that you are never inferior to anyone, whoever you maybe. In no sense are you less than others. And I believe it. So without any further ado I would like wish you a Bright New Year once again. And I hope to see you soon as one of the World’s most flourishing start ups.
Take the first step, there is no better time than NOW. If not you, search around and ignite one person towards creation and innovation. Let’s take a resolution to gift one new venture for the world in 2016.

All the best… Success awaits you..!!