The grass is going to be greener tomorrow!

2017 has been a great year for Lemon Ideas and Lemon school of entrepreneurship. We celebrated festivals, met a lot of entrepreneurs, heard a lot of ideas, all the team lunch parties and some extra brownie points at the CEO’s house party was worth celebrating, self-motivating and prepping up for the new milestones which are planned to be achieved in 2018.

Check out this infographic of our impact in the startup ecosystem of central India.


At Lemon Ideas we believe in celebrating small milestones by the act of togetherness and little pampering ourselves with internal events for the incubated startups. This year we had a spectacular Diwali Milan with brilliant performances by the team. A Christmas celebration full of shenanigans. Birthday parties cum cake fights. We made some really good memories.

Now what’s coming next is 2018. The 1st of January, a date which holds up the significance of the new beginnings, fresh starts, and a few promises of self-development and change. So all we want to say is sit back take a deep breath and give your mind the last flow of thoughts and make some kickass plans and get to the hustle from tomorrow first thing. Wishing you a very happy new year and all the best for the future.