Ice breaking with Dinesh Jain


“Dreams are not something that you see in your sleep
But Dreams are something that never let you sleep”
-APJAbdul Kalam

I deeply agree to what the above quote says. That is the very reason as to why entrepreneurs are born!! Anyone can day dream but “Dare dreaming” is a different thing. Day dreams are a figment of our imaginations but dare dreams are blueprints of an upcoming successful business empire. We met one such dare dreamer Mr Dinesh Jain, the CEO of Agami inc. A very humble soul hailing from the Orange City itself.
While in the session with Mr Jain we learnt that We do not have to be Great to be entrepreneurs, we just have to have a dream, a very big dream!! Working towards it development, we will experience ups and downs, but at the end of the day, our stuggle puts food on a families’ platter, the amount of employment generated, the social impact, will be the ultimate outcome of our struggle. Another thing is that while running an entrepreneurial business RISK TAKING IS INEVITABLE . You have to take risks, that helps you in taking you work to heights. That Leap of Faith is necessary. Lastly and the most important, “you should know when to quit” and by saying i quit I do not mean to give up but to know, to realise that your contribution in this field is complete, now you need to find a new intrest. But to begin with WE SHOULD HAVE A DREAM. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A DREAM YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME. And if you dont have a dream, find one. Its NEVER too late to dream a marvel.
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