Idea to Reality(Workshop) was a great success!

With a mission to promote and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship temperament in the youth, Lemon School Of Entrepreneurship organized a 2-day experiential learning workshop on ideation called ‘Idea to Reality’ on 28th and 29th of October at Harihar Nagar, Besa, Nagpur.  Mr. Deepak Menaria, CEO of Lemon Ideas was the facilitator and keynote speaker of this workshop.  Mrs. Anmol Badjatia, Principal of Jain International School and a team from AIC-AARTECH Bhopal were amongst the invited guests.

Around 20 Budding entrepreneurs attended the workshop which was intended to guide these participants to convert their business ideas into real ventures using the proprietary and industry proven approach based on Lemon’s 6E Model.

The workshop was intended to guide the participants to convert their ideas into real ventures using a step by step process and experiential learning activities where the what, why, who and how to execute on an idea was taught. The objective of the workshop was to provide a 360 degree perspective of a business venture to the participants.

The participants of the workshop were extremely enthusiastic and dedicated to making an impact in the world with their innovative ideas. The ideas which the participants are passionate about were discussed and few general ideas were taken into consideration and the action plan to execute these ideas was learned and discussed by the facilitator Mr. Deepak Menaria.

The first day of the event concluded with a keynote talk by Mrs. Anmol Badjatia, Principal of Jain International School where she presented her views on the scope of innovation in the education system in India and how things can be changed in the system.

The second day of the workshop was focused on drafting the business ideas of the participants into a real venture and Live case studies of an early stage, growth stage, established stage and failed startups were discussed.

“My objective and Lemon’s mission is to promote and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation through such workshops. Everyone has an idea. Ideas are just intangible thoughts which are easily available and anybody can think of them but how to execute an idea and develop it into a product or a service to make an impact in the society or solve the problems of the masses is what needs to be learned and lacks in the world. In short, it is the entrepreneurship acumen and mindset which needs to be developed in the society and that’s my mission. I would say I am successful if my students are creating jobs and making an impact in the society and economy of our nation.” Said Mr. Deepak Menaria.


Saniya Rao, Fashion Designer– “I had no idea so much thought goes behind creating and validating a business idea. I regret not joining before as all my venture related thoughts now need a fresh start. But I am positive that with the proper execution steps that I have learned, I will now be able to do much better.”

Dr. Neena Virani, Dentist– “Empathising with the audience is a must. unless your idea is solving a problem, what are you even doing?”

Kshitij Shirkedkar, Architect– “There are so many ideas and so less execution. people are impulsive with their ideas, we start executing them the moment they come to our mind. we start thinking of operations and how we will market the product or service. how will the ad look and many more dreams. what I learned is there needs to be a proper action plan in validating the idea and all the answers will be there right in front of you.”

Our Next workshop is coming this weekend on saturday, 4th of November. Cheggit!