Ideation Camp at Tadoba

“Don’t give a man a fish Also, don’t teach him how to Fish, But instead, inspire him to discover his own way of fishing”.

Thinking on this lines Lemon School of entrepreneurship (LSE) decided to find out that kid inside every individual. In the ancient India, the pupils were taught how to lead a proper life by living at the gurukul, LSE decided to use the same concept in modern time. Here pupils are taught how to earn more money alongside giving them the experience of how the corporate world works. LSE decided to conduct an ideation camp at Tadoba in Chandrapur for two days.

After the hectic schedule every entrepreneur has nothing else in his mind but the thought about his startup at all times. Those classroom sessions & boring lectures in colleges did make a number of graduates, but none of them knew their way. LSE mainly focuses on experiential learning where there will be no boring lectures, no typical exams. Under the beauty of nature each student of LSE was working on their creative ideas.

All the students of LSE COHORT 2016 batch were enjoying this gurukul concept. Under the roof of nature, students found the right place to bring to light their creative ideas. Around 160 ideas were generated by 10 entrepreneurs. Out of 160 ideas, 15 were funneled down for further exploration and will be converted into business ventures.