Ideation : Sixth Sense to Start Venture

Finally, the day came which we all are excited from last 1 month. Yap!!! That’s day of Ideation and Turning Point of our life.

Purpose of Ideation Camp:

The Basic purpose of ideation Camp was to get started on 1 idea among all the ideas which were chugging in our mind. Each participates were confused about which idea to be work on. So to get the clear vision on it Lemon has organized an Ideation Camp for sorting it out.

Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” — Mark Twain

With a Thought of Mark Twain, we all Lemons fasten our Seat Belt to move in Journey of Ideation in Pench National Park. Yes! Pench for Ideation and of course for Masti & Dhoom. To give direction what we have to do, we have the best mentor of Lemon school Of Entrepreneurship Mr. Deepak Menaria Chief Idea Farmer in Lemon. We reached resort on 15th September 2017 night have Dinner Together again a different experience of togetherness. We all were eagerly waiting for the next morning which was the day of Ideation.

The Day of Ideation begins on 16Th September 2017 in which all mysterious minds are going to Open. This Morning is different from all mornings, we feel the “Mother Earth” and it’s Beauty. Spend some time in Pool followed by the delicious breakfast. Deepak Sir said, “Go where ever you want to and write as many Ideas which are roaming in your mind”. After half an Hour we have 298 Ideas ready for funneling. Abhilash gets a tag of “Idea Machine” for generating 115 ideas.

After a minute “Hamare pairo tale Zameen nikalgai yaar”. When we started filtering our Ideas on Various aspects like Interest, Budget, Frequency, Will of Doing and much more. The process goes long till the end of the day. One more surprise of VETO comes at the end. Here the power comes to give birth to an idea whatever we want. A unique pedagogy followed by lemon to select ideas which can’t be found anywhere else. The session is concluded.

In Evening a get-together arranged in which we share our talent and feeling. Coming back to our rooms after dinner we gather together and dance till late night.

17th September 2017 started with ambiguities “Bhai or Kitne Ideas Delete kare” taking quick breakfast we meet in the conference room and started the process. Now the ball is in our court. It was a very simple process no one feels sad after deleting the ideas from the funnel. At last everyone was ready with their ideas. Following the instruction of Sir, we discuss our ideas with each other and prepare unique presentations on those ideas.

Overall we have 28 ideas after filtering and funneling. We all share our insights of the day. Then what BYE! BYE!!!! Pench.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

It was really a great experience of life. A unique journey of each mentee is going on in Lemon School.

–  Written By Abhilash Khobragade (LSE)