Internship Experience at Flying Penguins

The internship training started with the quick interaction with Mr. Vishal Chavda who is the CEO of Flying Penguins. He is a very simple man and also a great leader. A young Entrepreneur and also a great human being. He explained me about what is business and how to expand the business.dsc01984

After a quick interaction with Mr. Vishal, he connected me to Mr. Pritish Ukesh. He is probably a great minded person. He is the marketing head at Flying Penguins. He is a person who knows each and every thing about marketing. He runs his own Restaurant. Working under him was an amazing experience about business. He not only trained me to do the work of Flying Penguins but also help me in my specific domain. A very helpful and energetic person.

Pritish Sir has assigned me the work regarding their one of the application which is related to Education. He has given me the certain task to study the application properly and after that start calling the colleges and approach them for the Application. He also explained me about how to make an approach to the colleges. He helped me to make prepare the sales approach and I got a lot of experience about approach pitch.

At the earlier stage of internship training, I thought it is not going worth to me. But after having discussions with Nupur Mam I got realize that I was wrong. She is the only one who solves all my problems that I am facing. She explained to me how this training helps you in your business.

dsc01971At the current stage, Pritish Sir is teaching me about CRM details and different types of Marketing Strategies which I have never heard it before. I have made a presentation on different Marketing Strategies in which Pritish Sir has explained me and told to explore that which Marketing Strategy you are going to apply for your start up.

It was a great experience working with the Flying Penguins. It will definitely help me to increase my thinking capacity.

Thank-you everyone for helping me a lot and supporting me to enhance my business unit.


Mohit Vidhani