Lemon Start-up Buzz

LEMON Ideas is a sprouting platform for innovation and learning. It has developed an ecosystem where start-ups work and grow symbiotically. LEMON has become a known name in start-up and entrepreneurship over the years with its unique pedagogy and experimentation approach for real life entrepreneurs. Lemon entrepreneurs and start-ups have been achieving success milestones and growth, thus reflecting the power of mentoring, training as well as the magic of ecosystem at LEMON. Lemon Start-up Buzzinga Labs is a one-stop solution when it comes to gaming services and services related to latest technologies. Recently it is working on a product name Imagyn VR based on Virtual reality, topic booming in the technological world. It basically works on providing the virtual tour which enables the user to experience on-field feel. Virtual reality plays with our senses in a computer generated virtual environment. The term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment which can be explored and interacted with a person.

As a beginners approach is initiated on a local level at Buzzinga Labs, It had magnetised various reputed media houses like The Times of India, Navarashtra and Navabharat. Their targets and objectives were widely displayed in their article. This media buzz by buzzinga labs was noticed on a wide range. Another great achievement of Lemon entrepreneurs is recently held awards by WTC (World Trade Centre) and VIA (Vidarbha Industries Association). As a specialised organisation into Web development & products, Web Beta is best known for innovative Website Design & Search Engine Optimisation. Their passion for customised websites is rooted in knowing that great work will truly impact clients’ business with effective ROI. They have dealt with many clients in India & North America. For their outstanding performance and contribution to international trade, they have been honoured by WTC, Mumbai at VIA. Web Beta offers Web Design, Digital Marketing & Health Care Solutions. Recently their start-up story has been published by Navabharat. On parallel lines, Lemon incubated start-up Flying penguins being a one pit solution to customers provides cutting edge strategies for Digital marketing, application solutions and technology at the frontiers of knowledge for business automation development was also felicitated by WTC. They believe in providing clean and seamless IT services and adopt paperless working habits. The award was for recognition of start-up in contributing for exports and providing quality service to customers. Flying penguins has successfully engaged 7 overseas clients from US, Germany and Australia with their refined and specified services.

  Lemon feels contended to share that one of the candidates from LSE (Lemon School of Entrepreneurship), Mr Keshav Daga has started with his new venture named Bhumi Prayoshala which is a further extension of his family business. He is an ex-LSEian who was benefited with LSE E2I program and applied his new age ideas in modernising agriculture employing cut edge technologies like PUSA STFR. In association with Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), he has brought out a programmable, portable, low-cost equipment, named PUSA Soil Test Fertilizer Recommendation Meter (STFR) Kit, that brings soil testing and fertiliser recommendation at farmers’ doorstep. The kit is not only used for testing soil parameters but also gives crop-specific fertiliser recommendation and suggests ameliorates for problem soils.

Creatifox, A lemon incubated start-up on the similar lines is currently serving many distance clients from USA & Europe with their creative designing ideas. It is currently working in the domain of Education, Real Estate, Hospitality & Resorts, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Political Groups and Corporate events. It stands as one stop solution for regular & customised printing, corporate gifts, the personalised product for Company branding & marketing activity.

For such remarkable achievements, LEMON wish to congratulate all of its start-ups – Buzzinga Labs, Web Beta, Flying Penguins and Creatifox along with the great conjoined efforts of the start-up Founders and their talented teams!


Nikita Samatkar

Intern, Lemon Ideas