Life with strangers…!!

Life, The substance of human being is all about stranger and strange thing being done in life..!!

When you are in a new place meeting an friend there is some hesitation to talk with him/her but when ice-breaking done you feel good and sometimes this friend become your soul mate, co-founder, family and when you think that moment when you were stranger, you may laugh, maybe you feel good and you realize how life is going with stranger.

I believe some time strangeness is changing your life with person who first was not comfortable but after some time, he/she became your everything because when I was in 2nd class one of my friend PREM, he changed my whole life. we became friends, when we were playing hide sick in childhood he was not my schoolmate or classmate.  he was my brothers friend, but now he is my soul mate, that’s called life changing because of stranger.

last Saturday a task was given by lemon where we were to make strangers our friend and to meet people who are unknown in local area. I met ten people and one of them Ashish. I talked with him almost 10 minutes we exchange contact number and I started chatting with him &I realized that he has lots of business ideas but he has no support to put his idea into reality. So now he has got someone like me who can execute his ideas. so we have planned a meeting on the upcoming Saturday.

we are a cohort of 14 colleagues and everyone had their own learnings during the activity.  All of us got lots of insights and so we can relate to our ideas.

For some of us it was quite difficult to talk with strangers but they built confidence after they’d done the task.


By:- Amrendra Mantri

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