Limbu Timbu

dsc01999In Journey with Lemon we Limons are discussing news with Nupur ma’am. After a while, she says “I have breaking news for you all” as soon as she says this we have lots of lemon on the playing field that we have to sell them. We all rushed to take lemons; Abhilash took nearly 250 lemons so very less was left for others.

One more surprise was given, that we have to pay 3.50 rupees per lemon. After all this, we leave to sell them.

Krishnkant and Mohit went door to door. They were also able to manage to sell at 93.5 Red FM Radio Centre. They used their salesmanship there and sold lemons for 5 rs each and one lemon was sold for 50 rs.

A charity Strategy was used by Krushikesh and Anish.  Saying that they were from some charitable trust, they were very well received; they also sold lemons for 5 rs.dsc02000

Ankit is very much calm and thinking of his work, so he took out the list of hotels which he already has. He made nearly 38 calls out of which 2 got succeeded and he sold out his 60 lemons for 5 rs each.

Talking about Abhilash (i.e. me) I was just roaming from one place to another to sell lemon but I haven’t sold a single lemon so I was very much disappointed. I drew back to Lemon School there I find Ujjwal(Mantri ji) who says “Don’t take tension Vedic Sir, we will sell lemons”. Although we are at loss, yes, we were able to sell all Lemons”.

Approaches Applied:dsc02002

  1. Learning @ Lemon.
  2. Charity
  3. Speciality


  1. Team work matters a lot.
  2. Connect to others and listing them.
  3. Focus on one place.
  4. Koi bhi dhandha chotta nahi hota boss.
  5. Understand the market.




  1. Focus on Product.
  2. Use past experience positively rather than
  3. B2B Concept is used first time till date in LSE for selling lemons.
  4. Money can be taken easily from the youth’s Pocket.
  5. Accept Rejections.
  6. Effective Communication plays a vital role in selling.


–  Written By Abhilash Khobragade (LSE)