LSE After hours.

We have a schedule of 9 hours a day , sometimes 7 days a week and 31 days a month. Woo!! tiring right?? No. I did say that we learn for 9 hours a days etc but I didn’t say our fun stops there itself!!! Its the after hours that keep us meddled in ourselves for another hour or sometimes more than that. We’ve danced at LSEĀ much more than we have at any Ganesh sandal, we’ve sang at LSE a lot more than any of our bathrooms. The never ending night stays during Ganesh chaturthi, celebrations of the first successful lemon selling activity or better WITHOUT ANY REASON!! Its fun here. We work but at the same time we keep ourselves engaged in one or the other thing. Recently, last Saturday we worked out our Garbha steps to brush up for the Navratri Gala!! This week , well this week we are going to be making a movie!! And inaugurating LSE’s 1st ever productions!! YAY right?! It no doubt is exciting doing things here. Being here feels different than any other place, being here feels like belonging.We enjoy spending time together in discussions about how we are doing things in and out of LSE.Its beautiful to have knowledge sharing or even sometimes it helps us being original,unstructured,uncovered,undiscovered.We still find ourselves interesting after 8 weeks in LSE.We still love being together.

Persis and Amol