Unlike a typical classroom in any school, it felt very different at lemon. Here we have been told rather let go to create history rather than read and memorize it. Itfeels as we have been handed over the helm of control to experience it ratherthan learn how to. Unlike other classrooms we are told to be comfortable and focus rather than sit tight at one place and concentrate. Bean bags and freedom to use gadgets am I not in the right place??!! My friend Aksh here says “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.! This totally goes with my first day at lemon school. It was totally unexpected day as I never thought that a college can have such an off beat aura and program! It was like a total new experience for Me! Rather than teaching it is more of an interactive
session we have. So I am really looking forward for the upcoming sessions as everything at lemon seems to be agile and bizarre!”. And i strongly agree. It was a very interesting first day at Lemon. I got to meet people like me. Which gave me an assurance that i wasn’t the only crazy person!! We as aspiring entrepreneurs have come together to bring drastic changes to the society. Entrepreneurship in its real essence is about a person who wants to have control over his life rather than letting someone else drive him crazy. We are the people with the agenda to create a legacy, or as Amit says “to be remembered by”.
It sure is not easy. Nothing is, but entrepreneurs do what they love and looking at some of today’s successful entrepreneurs, many of them have managed to create a business out their interests an example for that is Hritesh Agrawal the CEO of OyoRooms. As the sessions progressed, we came to know about the either activities that are going to be carried out in months to come. As I was sitting I just took a small look around , smiled to myself and realized that it is going to be a great entrepreneurial journey ahead.Wish me luck!! Bonne chance!!

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Persis Ratanparj
Lemon Blogger.