National Startup Day – 6th Edition by Lemon School of Entrepreneurship

For a long time, India has been on the list of developing nations. A very important reason why India has been on the list of developing nations and not developed nations is because the economy of the country is not growing rapidly and the poverty level is very high. To solve or at least reduce these problems what we need is jobs, income and this is where the role of entrepreneurs is extremely important. Entrepreneurs not only create jobs and revenue for themselves, but also for the society which directly helps the country in building the economy. 

While the rest of the world has already realized the importance of entrepreneurs, in India entrepreneurs still haven’t got it due respect, importance and recognition. Across the globe, August 21 is celebrated as World Entrepreneurs’ Day. Many countries like US, Australia have marked a day to celebrate entrepreneurship.

India does not have a specific day to celebrate the spirit of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and growth. We as a country men need this celebration, the spirit of creation.

On 16th Jan 2016, our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra ji Modi announced a bunch of benefits and schemes to promote start-up ecosystem in India under the event called ‘Start-up India Action Plan Launch’. This was indeed a historic day for Indian Entrepreneurship and Start-ups. It was a highly appreciative movement for an entrepreneur who wishes to thrive yet sustain in the Indian soil. 

Lemon Ideas has been pursuing this thought of Entrepreneurs day since 2017. Team has requested Government of India to declare 16th January as “National Entrepreneurs Day”. It would be a day dedicated to all Indian Entrepreneurs, Creators, Innovators, Designers, Businessmen, Industrialists and Founders. 

National Entrepreneur Day would be a great way to appreciate entrepreneurs with respect and recognition. This would encourage innovators, change makers, Job creators and businessmen towards growth and happiness.

This day is memorable not just because my younger son was born but for the launch of Startup Action plan by our hon’able PM Narendra Modi ji. Since then, we at Lemon Ideas decided to celebrate this day as National entrepreneurs day to recognize and celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and social impact makers. Appreciate the constant support from Vidarbha Industries Association. We kept writing to PMO India , NITI Aayog Official and other ministries. Finally, this day is now National Startup Day. It’s a great moment for all entrepreneurs of the country that our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji announced 16th January as National Startup Day.

On 16th of January 2022 , 6th edition of National Entrepreneurs Day was celebrated with much fun, zeal and enthusiasm by Lemon Ideas in association with Vidarbha Industries Association. This year was even more special as seven years of hard work, efforts and patience of the Lemon Group finally paid off when less than 24 hours ago Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared January 16th as National Entrepreneurs Day. Every year the Lemon Group brings a new twist, a new theme for their ceremony and this year was no different where the theme was ‘Entrepreneurs from Bharat’ mainly entrepreneurs from the Tier-II, Tier-III cities.

The Chief Guest of the function Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon. Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways in a short statement said that he was extremely thankful to organisations like Lemon school of Entrepreneurship for giving importance to Entrepreneurship. He said that for any venture or startup to flourish the most important thing is Resources (of any kind) and technology. He said that though these two things are available but even after 64 years of Independence there has been no educational institution in the country that has groomed our brought the course of entrepreneurship. For him the most important thing is knowledge with prosperity and sustainability. According to him, for any entrepreneur to succeed there should be 3 things that person needs to keep in mind i.e. economy, ethics and responsibility towards environment and lastly, he concluded by saying that it is the responsibility of every entrepreneur to increase the export and decrease the import of the country.

Guest of Honour Dr. Bhimraya Metri, Director, IIM Nagpur said that the country is in right direction in the entrepreneurship journey, but still a lot of work needs to be done. For the businesses and ventures to succeed what we need is to give equal importance to the Research & Development from all sectors. He also said that the declaration by Prime Minister to celebrate 16th January as National Entrepreneur Day is a huge shot in the arm for organisations like Lemon Ideas and all the upcoming entrepreneurs.

Mukesh Ashar-Director, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship made an opening remarks in which he said that it he was very happy to celebrate the sixth edition of Entrepreneurship Day and he really hopes and pray that there are many more such celebration yet to come. The theme of this year’s edition of Entrepreneurs coming from Tier-II, Tier-III cities as people from those cities should get equal opportunity, platform to present their ideas.

Deepak Menaria-CEO and Founder, Lemon Ideas on Entrepreneurs Day in his address said that he is happy to see that this year the awardees are from all corners of the country. He is also happy that Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced 16th January as National Entrepreneur Day and every year a new theme is bring brought up by the Lemon Ideas team to enhance and glorify the journey of entrepreneurship. According to him, there are six principles for any venture to succeed. Self awareness, discovery, making sure that money comes from right sources, empathy, co-creation and economy and ecological sustainibilty.

Suresh Rathi, President -VIA said that building your own brand is the most important thing and the story of failure is more important to keep in mind than the story of success.

Guest of Honour Nitin Khara, Chairman & Managing Director, Confidence Petroleum India Pvt. Ltd said its really important to take risks to build any business empire but to make sure that you take good, sensible and calculated risks. Apart from this, we should have a daring approach, and making sure that we are moving ahead with everyone.

Many congratulations to the winners of awards- “Entrepreneurs from Bharat”

Nirmesh Rajyaguru & Pratik Agarwal, Beta Builds Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Rourkela (Odisha); Devika Bajaj, Daivik Moringa, Nagpur (Maharashtra); Puran Singh Rajput & Narayanlal Gurjar from EF Polymer Pvt.  Ltd. Udaipur (Rajasthan); Sheikh Samiullah & Abid Rashid from Fast Beetle, Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir); Shweta Thakare from GramHeet Private limited, Yavatmal, (Maharashtra); Palak Vasa, Mansi Jain & Smit Parsania, Rajkot,(Gujarat); Yashwant Suthar & Neelam Singh from Lootel, Indore,(Madhya Pradesh); Poonam Gupta from RPC Projects, Nagpur, (Maharashtra); Sumanth Mudaliar & Vishrut Bhatt from Oneceptual Technologies LLP, Vadodara,(Gujarat); Devesh Patel from OneCup Interface Pvt. Ltd., Raipur, (Chhattisgarh); Saniya Ramchandani from Ozark Enterprises, Nagpur, (Maharashtra); Ishika Agrawal from Poonam Furniture & Electronics, Amravati, (Maharashtra); Riddhi Tahalramani from Riveshh Group of Companies, Nagpur, (Maharashtra); Mahima Suri from Suritex Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur, (Maharashtra); Sanjeev Sharma from Swaayatt Robots, Bhopal, (MP); Karan Chavan, Tejas Zagade & Indrajeet Nikam from TGP Bioplastics Pvt. Ltd., UranIslampur,(Maharashtra); Lulua Katawala from TriCous Confectioneries India Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur, (Maharashtra); Husain Rasheed & Himanshu Sontakke from Unboxing Art – Dark Room Poets, Nagpur, (Maharashtra); Chandni Goenka from Veneers and Beyond, Nagpur, (Maharashtra); Deepak Kumar, Nikhil Swamy & Rabi Rau from Yogitha Bio-farming Pvt.  Ltd. Kharagpur (West Bengal


Every year Lemon Ideas brings a new theme for recognition of entrepreneurs on National Entrepreneurs day. The previous theme includes Women Entrepreneurs (2017), Young Entrepreneurs (2018), Entrepreneurs and Innovators from Vidarbha (2019), Social Impact Changemakers, Grassroot entrepreneurs (2020), Entrepreneurs who change COVID-19 adversity into opportunity (2021). The theme for the year 2022 is ‘Entrepreneurs of Bharat from Tier-II, Tier-III cities’

This would push the entrepreneurs and innovators from smaller towns of India towards excellence and higher growth.

Previous Edition details- National Entrepreneurs Day 

National Entrepreneurs Day Awards Celebration-1st Edition

Date: 16th January 2017 at VIA Auditorium.

Theme: Women Entrepreneurs.

Partners: Lemon Ideas and VIA.

Prominent attendees: Shri Atul Pande (President-VIA), Shri Suhas Buddhe (Secretary-VIA), Shri Akash Agrawal (Chairman-VIA Entrepreneurship Forum), Ms. Anita Rao (VIA), Shri Deepak Menaria (CEO & Founder-VIA), Shri Mukesh Ashar (Director, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship), Shri Nitin Gujrathi (Chair-Technology, Lemon School of  Entrepreneurship).


Ms. Anuja Sharma (Shamlax Meta Chem Pvt Ltd.), Ms. Apeksha Munde (Agora the Flea Market), Mr. Arun Lanjewar (Vishal Paint), Mr. Mangesh Joshi (AJA Classy Interior Pvt.Ltd.), Mr. Niraj Mamtani (Pickmyservice), Mr. Manish Khanchandani (Khichadiwala), Ms. Minal Khedekar (MNC Healthcare), Ms. Monica Bhagwagar ( Founder Paper Age), Ms. Priyam Daga (Auric Institute of Jewellery, Ms. Soniya Taneja (Field Media), Ms. Sugandha Garway (Anacon Labs), Mr. Amit Tiwari (Flying Penguins).


National Entrepreneurs Day Awards Celebration-2nd  Edition

Date: 16th January 2018 at VIA Auditorium.

Theme: Young Entrepreneurs.

Partners: Lemon Ideas and VIA.

Prominent attendees: Shri Atul Pande (President-VIA), Shri Suresh Rathi (Vice President-VIA), Shri Akash Agrawal (Chairman-VIA Entrepreneurship Forum), Prof. Asit Sinha (VIA), Ms. Anita Rao (VIA), Shri Deepak Menaria (CEO & Founder-VIA), Shri Mukesh Ashar (Director, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship), Shri Nitin Gujrathi (Chair-Technology, Lemon School of  Entrepreneurship).


Arpit  Agrawal (Anchal Plast India Pvt.,  Ltd.),  Asad  Dhamani (Climber),  Dashank  Khushlani (Corporate  Trotter), Harish Chopkar (Web,  Jyoti  Kapoor and  Parveen Tuli ( Infinite Spaces),  Mehak  Agrawal (Vanity Inn),  Nidhi Gandhi (Studio-N Label Nidhi  Gandhi), Pinky Sheth(Mickey Mehta 360° Wellness Temple), Richa Mandhania(Studio Hair Habitat), Shikha Khare(Up-Skill Centre for Vocational & Professional  Excellence), Simran Suri & Anchal Suri  Manda (Go For Chai), Subhendra Singh Thakur (Bellatrix Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Sukhada Choudhary (Chaos Theory), Ujjwal Trivedi (Shreenath Farsan),  Vaibhav Agrawal  (Vaibhav Plasto Printing & Packaging Pvt. Ltd.), Vivart Rangari (Co-creato), Vivek Nandanwar  (Web Beta Pvt Ltd.).


National Entrepreneurs Day Awards Celebration-3rd Edition

Date: 17th January 2019 at MIHAN.

Theme: Entrepreneurs and Innovators from Vidarbha.

Partners: Lemon Ideas and VIA.

Prominent attendees: Mrs. V.Radha (IAS) Joint Secretary, Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Govt. of India and Mr. Aseem Gupta (IAS), Principal Secretary, Maharashtra Skill Development Department, Govt. of Maharashtra, A. P, Dharmadhikari, Joint Director of Industries, Nagpur, Shri Atul Pande (President-VIA),  Shri Suhas Budhe (Secretary, VIA), Shri Deepak Menaria (CEO & Founder-VIA), Shri Mukesh Ashar (Director, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship).



Akhilesh Tripathi and Ashwini Arjunkar (Aerizone CreatIve Labs Pvt. Ltd.), Prabodh Mahajan, Chinmay Naik and Nikita Kumari (Bliscare), Ankit Jaiswal (Buzo Media), Kajal Rajvaidya, Arjun Devrankar, Vijay Bhattad (Kajal Innovations), Raj Madankar and Gopal Sharma (Raj & Gopal Farming), Leena Dixit (Native Chefs), Dipak Singh (Orange-n-Orange), Rajesh Pugalia (, Soumen Bannerjee and Akash Singh (Snugtech Services Pvt.Ltd.), Gaurav Totla, Kishore Godithi and Preetam Dhengle (Universal Virtual Reality Arcade); Ashutosh Mundhada (YourPhysio).

National Entrepreneurs Day Awards Celebration-4th Edition

Date: 16th January 2020 at Lemon Ideas premises.

Theme: Social Impact Changemakers/Grassroots entrepreneurs.  

Partners: Lemon Ideas and VIA.

Guest: Mrs. Kanchan Gadkari,

Prominent attendees: Shri Suhas Buddha (Vice President-VIA), Shri Deepak Menaria (CEO & Founder-VIA), Shri Mukesh Ashar (Director, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship), Shri Nitin Gujrathi (Chair-Technology, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship).



Mr. Nitin Biyani (Chai villa), Ms. Bhagyashree Gandhi Deshpande (Abhyudhya Global Village School),  Mr. Tanveer Mirza (Yashodhara Foundation), Mr. Lalit Vikamshi (Alag Angle), Mr.  Amol Khante (CAC All-Rounder),  Ms. Chanda Kale (Paper Doll Enterprise), Ms. Mukta Katakwar(Service On Wheel), Mr. Mahesh Kariya (Shree Chikki), Mr. Abhijeet Barse (Slum Soccer), Mr. Dhawal Popat & Mr. Jayesh Gupta (JDP Super Foods Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Wasudev Mishra (Silai Gram), Mr. Vijay Limay & Mr. Vivek Phadke (Eco-Friendly Living Foundation), Ms. Vrundan Bawankar & R J Priti (Gram Vikas Sanstha), Mr. Rahul Thakre (Maha Orange), Mr. Shailesh Pisalkar(Bhartiya Dnyanpith Bahhuuddeshiya Gramin Vikas Sanstha), Mr. Chahul Balpande (Parkingwala).

National Entrepreneurs Day Awards Celebration-5th  Edition

Theme-Entrepreneurs who turned COVID-19 adversity into opportunity.

Partners: Lemon Ideas and VIA.

Guests: Mr. Devendra Fadnavis (Former Chief Minister, Maharashtra), Mr. Vishal Agrawal (Managing Director, RC  Plasto Pipes and Tanks Pvt. Ltd.).

Prominent attendees: Shri Suresh Rathi (President-VIA), Shri Suhas Buddha (Vice President-VIA), Shri Girdhari Mantri (President-Udyog Aghadi Vidarbha,-BJP), Shri Deepak Menaria (CEO & Founder-VIA), Shri Mukesh Ashar (Director, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship), Shri Nitin Gujrathi (Chair-Technology, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship).



Mr. Abheejit Khandagale (ekatra), Mr. Aditya Asabe (Sanishooter),  Ajinkya Shinde (Invenzee Technologies Pvt. Ltd.), Dr.  Deovrat Begde (CURO Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Harsh Lal (Medicfibers), Mr. Keshav Daga (PSI Healthcare), Mr. Kuldeep Wadskar (3NOT Robotics Pvt. Ltd.  Ms. M. Sriveera (Aparoks Tech Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Madhur Rathi (Econiture), Mr. Pratik Gadkar (Technoventor Innovations Pvt. Ltd.), Ms. Prerna Chandak (Global Shapers Community Nagpur), Mr. Shalom Kingston (Carbon Hubs Pvt. Ltd.), Ms. Shikha Verma Thutheja  (Studio,  Ms. Shipra Dawar (IWill Therapy and ePsyclinic), Ms. Shyamal Panchmatia (Ray Health Product Pvt. Ltd., Dr. Chandrashekhar Gillurkar (Physician & Diabetologist-Gillurkar Hospital).


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