Spirituality and Life Integration.

¬†“shivoaham, shivoaham
shivo swarupoaham, shivoaham, shivoaham, shivo swarupoaham”

We’ve become so busy in our lives these days that we forget to give the other things any thought.
Our surroundings have managed to make us thing rather than feel. But on Saturday and Sunday , The Lemon Entrepreneurs sat together to revert that phenomenon of thinking rather than feeling to feeling rather than thinking. The workshop on Spirituality and Life Integration is a once in a lifetime opportunity for people who are caught up in their lives and their never ending work. Feelings are very powerful and so is the human being. We are not ordinary beings set out to have a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings set out to have a human experience. And who knew Our intuitions can be so strong that we can tell about the person sitting in front of us, whom we’ve never known our whole lives and Voila!! 90% of it turns out to be true!! I am sure that if we were to think just staring at that at that persons face, we wouldn’t have been able to figure anything about him. Our feelings are the lock and key to our past lives, and regressing those feelings can help us remember.
And I am quite surprised that I can feel so much!! I never  gave it much of thought so those things never came up, but the last 2 days have really helped me in connecting to myself. I feel light that some of my unanswered questions have now been answered , quoted Gaurav.

Persis Ratanparj
Lemon Blogger