Super Saturday

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship organised an event called Super Saturday for aspiring entrepreneurs, freshers’ and graduates to explore their path to success; ideas to make it big and right mentorship, training which can help the entrepreneurs on their journey. Also further promotion of their start-up plan to be validated & nurtured at LSE. Event commenced with discussing the agenda and program itinerary with the participants of Super Saturday. Mr. Deepak Menaria- Founder LSE, addressed the participants with his enlightening session about Entrepreneurship. His session was made more convincing and appealing as it included two way input, He channelized the curiosity of participants about the topic by generating questions like- What is Entrepreneurship? Where to Learn Entrepreneurship? Why should I become an Entrepreneur? How to become an Entrepreneur? and When is the Right Time to become an Entrepreneur?  The collaborative outputs from attendees were linked with live examples and answered by Mr.Deepak. His value-added talk fuelled the participants, reflected in queries round. Event continued with Power talk on technology by Mr. Nitin Gujarathi – Chair Technology, LSE where he shared out his golden experiences while dealing with different people around the globe in Technical and Non-Technical background and How to stick to the basic morals we have to give tough fight to today’s competitive world. Post Mr. Nitin’s interaction with participants a session about ‘Power of ecosystem, Power of Co-creation & Lemon start-ups’’ was conducted where our in house Founders Mr. Kishore Godithi from Buzzinga Labs, Mr. Amit Tiwari from Flying Penguins and Mr. Vivek Nandanwar from Web Beta. They introduced the participants about their start-ups, shared their experience regarding challenges and problems they faced in foundation year. They also discussed about the goals behind their work. Dr. Prabodh Yelne – Chair Self & Psychology, LSE spoke about ‘Who am I’ and mentored participants about Learning, Insights and chief psychological approach which is needed while marketing. He guided them regarding evolving trade and sales domain. He also rooted the queries from participants end astonishingly.  Interval of Super Saturday proved to be profitable for the participants as a free psychometric test was conducted by LSE to evaluate individuals’ mental approach (psychology) towards entrepreneurship. The second half of the program started with brief introduction and history about various aspects of LSE GPE2I, Admission process and uniqueness of the program by Mr. Snehil Maheshkar- Business Acceleration Manager, LSE.  Simultaneously interested candidates appeared for E2I admission interviews also attended counselling round with the LEMON mentors about their start-up idea for their entrepreneurship endeavour. A total of 12 participants appeared for the LSE interviews, among which 7 were counselled by Mr. Deepak Menaria and 4 candidates were offered with the LSE admissions. Program concluded with session by Mr. Vishal Arora – Mentor Raising Funds, LSE where spoke about getting funded at right time. He guided the participants by video conferencing with them about seed funding, funding size, what are the actual problems faced while generating funds at the initial stage of start-up, what promising skills does investors look for while investing in a company and what are essential requirements that a budding entrepreneur should embed before start-up.

by  Nikita Samatkar, Intern, Lemon Ideas